American Road Safety for Everybody (A.R.S.E.) is an organization promoting road safety and is maniacally against all forms of two-wheeled transportation. By 1998, their efforts had bicycles banned from Liberty City and by 2001 they managed to get motorcycles off the streets as well. Their campaign to ban motorcycles is featured in an article written by Gaylord Morrisen in the Liberty Tree instruction manual that comes with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories:

"Motorcycles cause more deaths per year than old age. They are the number one killer in our city and must be banned. If the city doesn't take action, then we the people are going to have to start. Pehople on motorbikes are trying to kill all of us, so we at A.R.S.E. say it's time to fight back. All bikers will be treated as fair game going forward and every civic-minded citizen is encouraged to knock these killers off their motorcycles."
―An A.R.S.E. spokesman.

The Maibatsu Corporation of America generously made a donation to A.R.S.E. which helped them to become known. This may have been in hope that they would increase the sales of their new model, the Maibatsu Monstrosity which was to be released in 2001.


  • The name's abbreviation comes from arse, the British way to say ass, pointing at adult humor.
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