The American Bank of Los Santos is a bank in Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The bank is mentioned on the radio station WCTR, although it can't be found anywhere in the state of San Andreas. The bank is most likely based on the real-life US Bank or the Los Angeles National Bank.


This is the script for the commercial for The American Bank of Los Santos that can be heard on most radio stations.

Woman: Look at that! The Hendersons are getting a new fence.

Man: Ah, who cares? They're swingers!

Woman: I want a new fence!

Man: We just got one two years ago after your parents were killed!

Woman: I want a new fence! That's it! We're never having sex again!

Woman 2: Need a home loan fast? At the American Bank of Los Santos, we'll help you get the debt you need to make life easier. We'll show you how to look richer, and be poorer! Your home is your equity- what exactly are you saving it for? You need to impress people fast, not in twenty years! It's only a risk if you get into money troubles or the economy changes, which doesn't seem likely! We know living in the suburbs is a constant competition, where you're defined by your lawn and your siding.

Woman 2: Call American Bank of Los Santos when you need to add a jungle room addition with a rec swing or a Jacuzzi for eight! Now that the kids have moved out and have drug problems of their own, maybe it's time to install a luxury marble wet bar so you can get drunk in private! American Bank of Los Santos. Dreams take money - why worry about tomorrow, if you look inadequate today?


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