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Alta is a six-block neighborhood in Vinewood, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is located south of Hawick, west of East Vinewood, north of Pillbox Hill and Textile City and east of Burton. Alta is likely based in Olvera Street and Chinatown, Los Angeles.


Alta is a small, upper middle-class neighborhood in south Vinewood. Like neighboring Hawick, Alta is dominated by low-rise apartments and small businesses, with the exception of the Los Santos City Hall, the center of the government of the city and the neighborhood's main landmark. Other places of interest are a plaza of Spanish influence in the south-east based on the Los Angeles Plaza Park, home of historic buildings, and a big construction site in the south-west.

Events of GTA V


Alta is the first neighborhood that the player will see when arriving from Blaine County via the Great Chaparral. Various bus routes pass through the area. There are no LST underground stations in Alta, the nearest one being the Burton Station.

Roads and Streets

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  • Alta means "upper" or "high" in Latin. It also means "tall" in some Latin languages. In German, it means "homie".
  • Alta is the name of a a city in Finnmark, Norway.