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For other characters of the same name, see Alonso (Disambiguation).

Alonzo is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

Alonso is a henchman and friend of Teddy Benavidez. He hangs around the apartment block in Northwood. When Ray Boccino sent Niko Bellic to kill Benavidez, he told Niko that Alonzo may inform him of Benavidez's location. After Niko found him, he intimated him in order to get Teddy's whereabouts. Niko can kill or incapacitate Alonzo, resulting in the fact that he will not inform Benavidez that Niko is coming for him, if Niko doesn't kill him, he will call Teddy when Niko's going up in the elevator, having Teddy's men start attacking Niko once he exits the elevator.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto IV