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What are we teaching our children? Swag - you know what that means. All they value are fast cars, and nice shoes, but they will not work hard for it. Take this repossession, a tricked out silver Baller in a low income area. Swagging indeed. It makes me sad but you need to collect and bring it back here. Until society changes, we cannot.
— Description

All in the Game is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given by Simeon Yetarian to the player. It is available up to 2 players.


Simeon wants a Baller repossessed, which is being protected by Ballas members, in a parking lot in Davis near Grove Street. A few Ballas are protecting it so the player needs to eliminate them and take the Baller and then deliver it to the dealership. More Ballas will come along the way after the team to take the car back, the player can choose to kill them or simply escape from them.

Mission objectives

  • Repo the Baller.
  • Deliver the Baller to the dealership.


Video walkthrough