All Saints General Hospital is a hospital in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Market, Los Santos.


The hospital is one of two major health facilities in Los Santos, the other being County General Hospital further east in Jefferson.

The building itself is rather modern compared to Los Santos' other hospital, and appears to resemble the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, due to location and overall design in a more affluent portion of the city. It seems to be split up into a large main section with glass windows along the facade, with other departments on either side. At the entrance, main doors as well as a service door and what seems to be a garage door are found. Signage for "All Saints General Hospital" is found on a sign outside the complex, on the side of a department wall, and along the entrance overhang. The building also has a large, empty rooftop.

If the player is killed within the western half of Los Santos, they will respawn at All Saints General.

An Ambulance will spawn on the driveway outside the main entrance of the hospital.


  • A Knife can be found at the back.



  • The name of the hospital is probably a reference to the Australian medical drama series All Saints, which took place in the similarly named All Saints Western General Hospital.

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