The Alhambra is a club located in Idlewood, Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The club is a large building that consists of four torches in front of the entrance, an empty space in the rear of the building with four palm trees, two side doors at both sides of the building. A graffiti tag can be found on the wall of the right most corner from the entrance.

Carl Johnson can take both Denise Robinson and Helena Wankstein to the club during a dancing date. The club and its grounds are a turf that can be won after the mission Doberman (available until The Green Sabre) and after returning to Los Santos.


The interior is the same in design used for all other clubs like the Gaydar Station in San Fierro and The Camel's Toe Club in Las Venturas.

The interior is a medium-sized interior with a dancing area with several people dancing, a concert area with several speakers and a bartender behind the bar of the club, two Sprunk vending machines, a snack vending machine and Duality, Let's Get Ready to Bumble and Go Go Space Monkey arcade games. There is a stairway that leads to another part of the interior with several couches and two tables, and a room with a table.

Inside, Carl can partake in a Dancing Minigame with three levels of difficulty. Although walkthroughs indicate that this minigame is only unlocked after the mission Life's a Beach, the minigame (and the interior of Alhambra) is accessible from the start. During dancing dates with Denise and Helena the minigame is played. The interior will always play music from SF-UR, much like the other clubs.


It is based on the real-life Los Angeles Herald Examiner Building in Los Angeles, but the name is taken from the Spanish Alhambra of Granada, a monumental Arab style palace-fortress complex built in the 14th century, finalist to be named one of the New Seven Wonders of The World in 2007.


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