The Algonquin Municipal Building is an unnamed building in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located in City Hall, Algonquin.


Situated in the area of City Hall with close proximity to Chinatown and The Exchange, the building is bordered by Columbus Avenue to the east, Denver Avenue to the west, Emerald Street to the north and Calcium Street to the south. An archway passes over an otherwise blocked section of Diamond Street passing underneath the building.

The building is unnamed in-game and has no distinctive signage, but is also subject to naming confusion. In one of the six possible heli rides Brucie will request Niko to take him and his friends on, Brucie claims that the building is named "Civic Citadel", however in Entourage, Niko follows a convoy to another building just east of the building also named "Civic Citadel" in City Hall. A third conflict appears on the GTA IV Manual Liberty City Area Map, which marks a different building, 233 Liberty Lane, as a Point of Interest named "Civic Citadel". The three individual buildings' close proximity to each other likely causes an oversight. Internally, the building is named municipal.

The building appears to be based on the Manhattan Municipal Building in Manhattan, New York City.


  • Stunt Jump - The east ramp within the archway of the building is set up as a Stunt Jump.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

  • Brucie's Heli Rides - may appear as one of the six possible landmarks to visit, where is mistakenly refers to the building as the Civic Citadel, the name given to the neighboring town hall.


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