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Algonquin Boulevard is a two-lane divided boulevard located in Sandy Shores, Blaine County, San Andreas that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


From east to west, it crosses the eastern part of Marina Drive and ends at Joshua Road, intersecting with Niland Avenue, Armadillo Avenue, Mountain View Drive, Panorama Drive, Lesbos Lane and Meringue Lane. Based on the central location and the size of the street - its two lanes are separated by a once-landscaped median for part of its length - as well as being home to many of Sandy Shores' former and remaining businesses, Algonquin Boulevard most likely acts as the main street of the town.


It is based on the real life Mountain View Drive, in Desert Shores, California.



  • Algonquin Boulevard might take its name from the island of Algonquin in Liberty City.
  • The local gun store bears the usual Ammu-Nation signage on its facade, but the large strip mall sign on the side of the road refers to the store's name as "SHOOT F1RST". This is probably due to developer oversight.
  • The western end of Algonquin Boulevard is flanked by a number of demolished larger structures, implying a once-stable business district.
  • A street-facing collapsed wall across from the motel bears a large stencil that reads, "SAVE THE SANDS".