"Small, vehicular fast foot vendor. Believed to have been a mechanic who once worked with organized crime in Vice City. Constantly stoned. Friends with hippies."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Alex's Dog'z is a mobile fast food vending business featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas presumably owned by somebody with the name Alex.


The business operate out of stationary Hotdog vans found around the State of San Andreas, normally in service areas and car parks. The player can purchase hot dogs from the vendor to replenish lost health. Their slogan is: "One foot of pure MEAT!"

Dwaine is noted to work in the business before being hired by Carl Johnson to work in the garage. He is first seen leaning next to the van by the tram station in King's, San Fierro. There is a complaint that rat meat is used in the hotdog meat at Dwaine's cart.


  • The company slogan is a sexual reference referring to the size of a penis.

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