The Alderney State Police (ASP) is the police force that patrols the State of Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes.


The Alderney State Police has some association with the LCPD, as they use LCPD branded vehicles and two out of three stations bear LCPD crests and names. LCPD officers can also appear at the station in Leftwood. The ASP dialogue is unique and not used by LCPD personnel. In multiplayer mode, LCPD are the only law enforcement agency in Alderney.


There are two types of officer models: both are fit and are white males. There are no specific Alderney state police officers mentioned in-game and they do not play a big role in GTA IV or its episodes.

The uniforms of the Alderney State Police resemble those of the New Jersey State Police. The police patches on their arms read, "Alderney State Police" similar to the patch of the New Jersey State Police

Police Structure 

There are a total of three police stations in Alderney, one of which is a miniature precinct located in Acter, Alderney. Unlike the LCPD, the Alderney State Police seem to have more security on the highway system known as Plumbers Skyway. This is possibly due to the fact that there is a bigger highway in Alderney than in Liberty City, or it is likely that Rockstar created the police for Alderney to spawn more on the highway because of them being state police. If the player is arrested by them, the procedure is the same as if the player had been arrested the Alderney State Police will take the player's weapons, some money and release them at the nearest police station.

Known Ranks and State Troopers

List of Police Stations

The Alderney State Police has three stations throughout the State of Alderney.




In GTA IV, ASP officers on the streets commonly drive two variants of police cars: the Police Patrol and the Police Cruiser. These serve as their primary pursuit vehicle of choice when the player reaches a one- to three-star wanted level, and will continue to appear in conjunction with NOOSE and FIB forces in a four-star wanted level or higher.

The ASP also extends their authority in the air in GTA IV with the use of Police Mavericks and Annihilators, which commonly patrol the sky even when the player does not have a wanted level. Police Mavericks will occasionally join a one- or two-star wanted level when they happen to be within close proximity of the player, but the helicopter is certain to appear only when the player has a three-star wanted level with ASP riflemen armed with Carbine Rifles and an ASP pilot; however, at four stars, the Police Maverick will come with two NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officers riflemen as well as a NOOSE Tactical Response Unit pilot. The Annihilator takes over from five to six stars onward with NOOSE riflemen armed with Carbine Rifles and a NOOSE pilot.However at 5 stars if the FIB is after the player the ASP will be giving support from the Annihilators.

At sea, the ASP is equipped with Police Predators, which appear when the player has three stars or more. The boats carry a police officer that pursues the player, with two police officers armed with Carbine Rifles at the back who will use deadly force against the player.

The Ballad of Gay Tony also includes two more ASP Vehicles, the Police Buffalo (named "Police Cruiser" in-game) and the Police Bike, a police motorcycle. Neither vehicle is used by ASP officers, and they are only available in the Multiplayer of The Ballad of Gay Tony. A third police vehicle, the Police Stinger, does not bear the ASP's signature blue-and-white livery but does bear the LCPD's logo. The Police Stinger is also not used by the ASP officers in-game as a pursuit vehicle.

It should be noted that for the first time in the series, ASP officers will not hesitate to commandeer civilian vehicles, should no police vehicles be available to them. If necessary, the ASP will take any ground vehicle, regardless of its performance or speed. This means that if the player enters areas such as the restricted area of Francis International Airport, they may find themselves being pursued by an officer who has commandeered a Ripley or even an Airtug. They can also ride in the back of a police patrol or cruiser if there are no police vehicles to drive.

Weapons and other portable equipment

The ASP Officers carry a range of equipment on their gun belts and in their cars. A collapsible baton is in place on the officers' gun belts, but the police officers do not utilize the weapon at all in-game. The Department-issue police firearm is the Pistol. This is used when making felony arrests, pursuing suspects, and in self-defense against a deadly threat. If a police officer is disarmed, they may resort to using their fists to defend themselves. If police officers are patrolling in a Police Cruiser or a Police Patrol (patrol vehicles always have two police officers onboard), and the suspect has a two-star wanted level or higher, fit police officers will carry the Pump Shotgun with eight shells in the magazine tube.

Police officers who are guarding high-security places with Carbines, which is a good deterrent of both terrorist activity and everyday crime. Police riflemen will also carry Carbines when riding a Maverick or Annihilator, though they can also use Advanced MGs for this purpose as evidenced in The Ballad of Gay Tony. When the suspect has a five-star wanted level or more, the ASP will deploy snipers to shoot the player with Combat Snipers from some rooftops. Combat Shotguns are also adopted by the department but are never seen in action. Instead, they remain inside their police cars, likely as a weapon for situations where a pistol will not be enough.

The ASP officers also carry personal radios in order to report crimes and call for assistance and backup; they can sometimes be seen talking into them while patrolling, as can security guards.

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Cut Officer types

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Female police officers

In GTA IV there were supposed to be female police officers. One can be spotted in the first GTA IV official trailer meaning they were cut late in development

Cut Equipment

Nightstick In GTA IV the police officers were supposed to be armed with nightsticks as there are some quotes like You know where a nightstick goes?I'm going to break this stick off in you!Don't make me use my nightstick on your head!I got 15 inches for you to suck on.

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