Alderney State Police officers in GTA IV

The Alderney State Police (ASP) is the police force that patrols the state of Alderney in GTA IV and its episodes. The Alderney State Police is not associated with the LCPD. Despite this, it uses LCPD patrol cars, most likely a developer oversight.


There are two types of officer models: both are fit and are white males. There are no specific Alderney state police officers mentioned in-game and they do not play a big role in GTA IV or its episodes.

The uniforms of the Alderney State Police resemble those of the New Jersey State Police. The police patches on their arms read, "Alderney State Police" similar to the patch of the New Jersey State Police

Police Structure 

There are a total of three police stations in Alderney, one of which is a miniature police station located in Acter, Alderney. Unlike the LCPD, the Alderney State Police seem to have more security on the highway system known as Plumbers Skyway. This is possibly due to the fact that there is a bigger highway in Alderney than in Liberty City, or it is likely that Rockstar created the police for Alderney to spawn more on the highway because of them being state police. If the player is arrested by them, the procedure is the same as if the player had been arrested by the LCPD. The Alderney State Police takes your weapons, some money, and release you at the nearest police station.

Known Ranks and State Troopers

List of Police Stations

The Alderney State Police has three stations throughout the State of Alderney.



  • The Alderney State Police do not appear in GTA IV's multiplayer mode. For unknown reasons, LCPD officers spawn in the State of Alderney instead.
  • Due to them being slightly inland and having a different accent, when they talk over the megaphone, they use unique quotes, separate from LCPD quotes.