For the prison authority present in GTA V and GTA Online see San Andreas State Prison Authority

Alderney State Department of Corrections (ASDOC) is a Corrections Department in in GTA IV, TLAD, and TBOGT. It is based on the New Jersey Department of Corrections.


ASDOC correctional officers guard the entrance and various parts of the prison. They are armed with Carbine Rifles.


Correctional officers in TLAD missions wear a Brownish shirt with or without a coat, with an LSPD-style shield badge displayed on the left, patches on the shoulders and matching pants. They also wear a brown tie and an equipment belt. Most character models for the officers are taken from fit LCPD officers found in the base game, and as such their uniform appears to be a recoloured version of the LCPD's (with the differing aforesaid badge). Further, While they utilize their own unique dialogue, they may erroneously announce themselves as LCPD officers.

Outside of missions, the Alderney State Police appears to be responsible for ASCF security, with little traces of the ASDOC present at the facility aside from insignia above the entrance.

Prominent Mission Appearances





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