The Alderney safehouse is the last safehouse and the only one in Alderney acquired by Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV. The safehouse is located at the southern half of Mahesh Avenue in Alderney City, Alderney, which runs from east-west and is located near the Booth Tunnel and the Hickey Bridge.

Getting the safehouse

The safehouse is given by Pegorino Family capo Ray Boccino. After completing sufficient work for him, Ray decides Niko should reside in Pegorino territory. The player must also complete one mission in Alderney to unlock the safehouse. Ray tells Niko that Roman will be "fine on his own".


Similar to the first two safehouses in the game, the safehouse is very basic, and slightly dilapidated. It is better than the first two safehouses, but not by much. It has a post-bed, a working TV (the smallest in the game), a grease splattered kitchen, and a ruined sofa. There is a radio in the apartment, which is tuned to K109 The Studio, but like most safehouses, there is no computer. For these reasons, the safehouse is not comparable to the preceding safehouses that the player may acquire in Algonquin: the Middle Park East Safehouse and Playboy X's Penthouse. A handful of items can be found in the safehouse, such as stacks of newspapers and phone books. Like the other safehouses in the game, there is a residents' parking space outside. However, its location will often cause civilian drivers to push the cars out of the space. Like most of the other safehouses, there is a strong gang presence in the area, with Korean Mob and Spanish Lords members often seen around the apartment.



  • The safehouse is acquired by completing Ray Boccino's first mission "A Long Way to Fall," and Derrick McReary's first mission "Smackdown."


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