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Alderney City is a major city in the State of Alderney. The city itself is located in the middle of the greater metropolitan area and appears to serve as the central business district. It is bordered by Panhandle Road in the north (Leftwood), the West River in the east, Babbage Drive in the southwest (Berchem), and Roebuck Rd in the south (Normandy and Acter).


Alderney City is the urban center of Alderney, considered as Alderney's biggest and most dense city, with a population of approximately 300,000.[citation/verification needed] Alderney City is a multicultural city consisting of people from all ethnic groups, including Caucasians, Koreans, Latinos (made up of Mexicans, Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans), and African-Americans. It can be divided into three distinct areas: Downtown, Koreatown, and Riverside. Downtown is made up of towering skyscrapers of offices and high rise apartments buildings, such as the National Newark Building, large commercial shopping areas and high rise apartment buildings. Koreatown is a small area that mainly runs along Hubbard Ave., and is home to many of Alderney City's Korean residents and businesses such as Mr. Fuk's Rice Box. Riverside is located along the coast of the West River, giving an amazing view of Algonquin from the area. It is a lot like the downtown half, containing offices, high-rises, and other large buildings.

The Italian Mafia, especially the Ancelotti Family, Pavano Family, and Pegorino Family, control the area. The Korean Mob has a substantial gang influence in northern Alderney City, while the Spanish Lords maintain a gang presence in southern Alderney City.


Alderney City contains elements of Newark, New Jersey's largest city, Jersey City, New Jersey's second-largest city and where Alderney City's namesake is derived from, Trenton, New Jersey's capitalm and Fort Lee, the Korean Influence seen in some areas. A lot of the buildings in Alderney City are landmarks taken from the Downtown & Ironbound Districts of Newark, along with landmarks taken from the Downtown & Journal Square Districts of Jersey City.

Fort Lee is a town with a large Korean population and is actually located far north of both Jersey City & Newark, but reasons for including it within Alderney City is mainly because the George Washington Bridge, being remodeled as the Hickey Bridge in Grand Theft Auto IV, starts in Fort Lee. This fact must have been considered by the map artists and programmers and created Koreatown within Alderney City to act as Fort Lee.

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The list of streets that runs through Alderney City are:


The Plumbers Skyway can be entered or exited from the intersection of Boyden Ave and Asahara Road, in the center of Alderney City. The skyway ends here where the elevated highway descends back to ground, or starts from the ground and elevates if taken from the entrance.


The Hickey Bridge can be accessed from Alderney City from the Rand Ave Intersection which sits along the borders of Alderney City and Leftwood.


Alderney's end of the Booth Tunnel can only be accessed in Alderney City along Asahara Road. Taking the Booth Tunnel from Alderney City will take you to Liberty City in GTA IV, coming out of the tunnel onto Frankfort Avenue within the Star Junction, Westminster, and Purgatory neighborhoods of Algonquin.