Alco Holla is a brand of alcoholic energy drink in the HD Universe.


Alco Holla is a alcoholic drink consisting of Malt Liquor and Caffeine. The drink is advertised on two billboards, one in Mission Row and one in Downtown Vinewood on Clinton Avenue, it's also advertised on the ingame radio. Alco Holla appears to be advertised towards a predominantly African American audience but unlike other alcoholic beverages Alco Holla cannot be seen inside any convenience stores in San Andreas. The drink contains 14% alcohol and the tagline for the drink is "The drink of the streets."

A tour poster for OG Loc in Franklin Clinton's safehouse shows that Alco Holla sponsors the event.


The drink could be based on Four Loko, but it also seems to be mostly a general parody or mocking of modern hood and gangsta culture.

Radio Advertisement

The radio ad features 4 characters, a woman screaming/singing her lines with an autotune, a woman advertising the drink, a man with a deep voice and a man speaking slang and marketing the drink. The ad is fast paced and edited like a remix with record scratches and sounds of pouring liquid in the background.


Woman: "ALCO HOLLA!"

Woman 2: "That's the drink of the streets."

Man: "Alco Holla."

Man 2: "Wassup?"

Man: "For real motherfuckers."

Woman 2: "You being marketed at now, Homie!"

Woman: "FO' SHIZZLE!"

Man 2: "Alco Holla is a unique malt beverage."

Woman 2: "A combination of everything that makes a memorable evening; malt liquor and caffeine."


Man: "Malt liquor, caffeine, janky little motherfucker."

Man 2: "With just a little coo coo thrown in."

Woman 2: "That's a good time to black out in a cab."

Man 2: "Wassup?"

Man: "You blacking out, asshole."


Man 2: "Alco Holla keeps the party going!"

Woman 2: "Even if you won't remember any of it. That's wassup."

Woman: "ALCO HOLLA!"

Man 2: "Alco Holla, YEAH BOY!"



  • The word "Holla" is a slang for greeting.
  • The drink may be a reference to the recreational drug Purple drank, which is a purple coloured soft-drink and cough syrup mix which is commonly associated with African-American culture.
  • The drink is also possibly a mocking reference to the fictional brand of energy drinks called Saints Flow, featured in the GTA competitor Saints Row: The Third.

See also

  • Electrolyte - Another beverage advertised on radio and billboards.
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