Albert Stalley is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


Albert is a security man of Vangelico jewel store in Little Portola, Rockford Hills, Los Santos. He is also a police officer.

Events of GTA V

Albert is on his watch during the Jewelry Store Heist. He orders Franklin Clinton to move a motorbike he has parked outside the store. Michael De Santa later leaves the store, throws Stalley to the ground and threatens him. His name is revealed when he is being interviewed on Weazel News about the heist. During the interview, he mentiones the quote that Michael said to him, catching the attention of Trevor, who is listening as he has sex with Ashley Butler.


Albert on Weazel News.

Mission Appearances


  • Albert wears a yellow security vest, indicating that he, if at least not a security guard, is a police officer for the Los Santos Police Department. Officers who wear yellow vests are usually on a security detail, as evidence by Stalley's demanding that Franklin move his bike. Certain officers of the Los Angeles Police Department can be seen wearing these.
  • Despite hun appearing only in two missions, him saying Michael's quote caused major events of the game, as thanks to him Trevor knew that Michael is alive.
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