"Alright my boy. Pretty little thing ain'tcha. And we want to keep you like that. Things have been getting out of hand and we need you to mend a few broken pipes. Fix a few ungrateful little gits. Or Archie'll lose his temper and nobody'll be happy."
―Albert Crisp in 1969.

Albert Crisp is the deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961. He was voiced by the late John Berger.[1]

Events of GTA London 1969

Along with his brother Archie Crisp, they provide the character with odd jobs. The Crisp brothers are the bosses of crime lords Harold Cartwright and Jack Parkinson who try to become a bit more independent. Albert is considered the brains of the operation and gives instructions to the player while Archie remains silent.

Ending of GTA London 1969

"Gordan Bennett that was some firework. Look... There must have been some mistake flower. Well look... Just so you don't come at us with a bleedin A-Bomb next time. We're getting out of here. Archie's off to Devon, and I'm leaving the country. Heading for Thailand actually... Very posh."
―Albert Crisp in the last mission of GTA London 1969.

The final mission of GTA: London 1969 leads the player to attempting to assassinate the Crisp Brothers by blowing up their car with them in it and only succeeds into injuring them. At the end of the final cutscene they announce that Archie is moving to Devon and Albert is moving to Thailand to make sure the player "won't throw a bleeding A-Bomb next time."

In the mission Dead Certainty, Albert and his brother drive a Crapi.



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