"I'd like to thank my fans, my momma and my dealer."
―Alan Crawford.

Alan Crawford, also known as Scipio, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (set in 1992).



Alan Crawford, at an unknown time, became involved in the music industry and became the manager of the successful rapper Madd Dogg, helping him on his way to success.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Alan: "Hey man, take me back to Dogg's mansion."
Carl: "Not today, asshole. Today we're taking the scenic route, via the bottom of the ocean!"
―Alan being kidnapped by Carl Johnson.
―Alan's last words.

A jealous Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross, an aspiring rapper, hires Carl Johnson to kidnap and then kill Crawford in an attempt to sabotage Madd Dogg's career. Carl Johnson steals the Elegant scheduled to pick Crawford up and then, after an awards ceremony, drives the car into the nearby bay, bailing out just before the car enters the water. The death of Crawford sees Madd Dogg slowly turn to drugs and, as a consequence, becomes extremely depressed and attempts to kill himself after losing his mansion to Big Poppa of the Los Santos Vagos.

Mission Appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • Crawford's murder is discussed on WCTR and how it remains unsolved. However, Richard Burns opts out of reporting about the incident after claiming he felt it wasn't "very interesting".
  • Crawford claims to know Ballas OGs, claiming that they are 'like brothers'.
  • Similarly to several other characters of the game, Crawford's character model is not unique and instead shares the model with a pedestrian commonly encountered in wealthy districts. The same applies to the woman that accompanies him during the mission.
    • In addition, the character model as well as his clothing looks strikingly similar to American actor, Cuba Gooding, Jr' in Boyz n the Hood, as the protagonist Tre Styles. Boyz n the Hood was a major influence on GTA San Andreas' development.
  • Crawford's character model is used on the movie poster for the film The Mainframe in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.
  • According to CJ, Crawford appears to be 5 foot 3 inches tall.


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