Alamo Sea Marina GTAV Sign

The Alamo Sea Marina sign.

The Alamo Sea Marina is a derelict facility in the Alamo Sea, Sandy ShoresBlaine County in Grand Theft Auto V.


The marina is on the south shore of the Alamo Sea in Sandy Shores. The Boat House restaurant dominates the shore facilities. The remains of a building to the west of The Boat House may have been part of the marina facility as it fronts the man-made concrete wall section of the shoreline. There are two man-made breakwaters in the Alamo Sea to form a crescent-shaped harbor. There are multiple mooring poles still visible in the water, but like most of Sandy Shores, they are unused and the entire facility is now derelict. There are also a lot of rusty wrecks of several vehicles located in and around the waters of the marina. It is also the location of a spaceship part, which is located underwater in the dead center of the marina.


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