Al Garve is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. His only appearance in the game is when he sends an en email to Huang Lee.


In his email, Al Garve defends that the cause of the debt of people with children are the children themselves and proposes an idea to stop the debt and its source (according to him, the children) from generating any more debt:

"Al Garve

Become debt Free


Your children are the cause of your financial misery. If it weren't for your ungrateful brats your life would still be all about having fun, playing games and goofing around. But, because you've got kids, those time are gone, right? Wrong!

      • We'll take your debts, and the cause of those debts, off your hands!

With us, your children will have oppurtinity for travel, and the security of a job for life(+). We have elite, high-flying, costumers world-wide who will pay good money for the company and services of your children.

That's right! You can become debt free, and your children will literally rub shoulders(and other bodily parts) with stars, royalty, and socialites from all over the world! What are you waiting for?

Click here and be rid of them!

(+) At least two weeks, but depends on the proclivities of the client."


  • His name is a play on the Algarve region of Portugal. It may also be a reference to American politician Al Gore.


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