The Air Ambulance at Escobar International Airport before picking up a patient.

Air Rescue is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, unlocked after From Zero to Hero. The mission is similar to the Paramedic side mission, except in this case Victor Vance transports casualties to hospital using a winch attached to the Air Ambulance. Completing 15 Levels will increase Vic's health by 50%. The later levels become trickier as the wind will make handling the helicopter much more difficult.


A glitch has been spotted in the PS2 version in which if the Air Ambulance crashes, the game does not trigger the Wasted sequence, allowing the player to resume. All that is seen is the image of the crashed helicopter and vehicles driving around, with a static camera. The only way out (other than resetting the game) is to load a previous game file.

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