Aiden O'Malley (inmate number 466369) was a forty-eight year old Dukes-born Irish-American linked to criminals in Ireland and Dukes. He was an associate of Derrick McReary and Bucky Sligo, whom he often worked with. O'Malley, who spoke with an Irish accent, had spent most of his adult life in Ireland and Britain, linked with several paramilitary and terrorist groups.

In 1995, O'Malley was convicted for a string of robberies, based on testimony from McReary (who supposedly did not remember giving evidence), and was serving a twenty year prison term. Whilst inside, O'Malley complained about McReary's part in his incarceration, and his friend Sligo threatened the lives of McReary's family, much to McReary's distress.
O'Malleys Death

O'Malley before hitting the water at the bottom of the cliff.

In 2008, O'Malley offers information which may lead to arrests, and gives testimony at a police station in Algonquin. The McReary brothers plan a hijacking of the police van transporting him back to Alderney State Correctional Facility; Niko Bellic and Packie wipe out the van's police escort in the Booth Tunnel, and they commandeer the van with O'Malley inside. After taking the van to Alderney and successfully evading the police, Packie and Niko bundle a grateful O'Malley into a less conspicuous vehicle and drive him to the cliffs in Leftwood. O'Malley is told that he was freed on the orders of Derrick McReary, much to O'Malley's disgust. Packie has Niko shoot O'Malley, whose body then falls down the cliffs. The police eventually recover and identify his body.

Aiden O'Malley is voiced by Jarlath Conroy.

LCPD Database information

Surname: O'Malley

First Name: Aiden

Age: 48

Place of Birth: Dukes, Liberty City

Affiliations: Linked to Criminal Underworld in Ireland and Irish American criminals based in Dukes.

Criminal Record:

  • 1972 - Civic Disobedience
  • 1974 - Resisting Arrest
  • 1995 - Grand Larceny (Multiple Counts)


  • Associate of Derrick McReary and Bucky Sligo.
  • Currently helf in custody.
  • Recently offered information that may lead to further arrests.


  • O'Malley's death is much like a special execution, any weapon will do, and if aimed correctly, he will "rag-doll" down the hill, while the camera moves to a more cinimatic angle.
  • O'Malley probably had a past lover by the name of Julia, as suggested in conversation after he is taken out of the escort by Niko and Packie.
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