"Alright, Mr. De Santo."
— Ahron Ward to Michael.

Ahron Ward is a minor character that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


Ahron Ward is only seen during one mission in which Michael De Santa takes his son Jimmy De Santa to pick up some drugs. He hands over a plastic bag containing some white powder to Jimmy, and upon Jimmy requesting the 'special' also a drink spiked with an anesthetic commonly used by veterinarans, which is later used to drug Michael. Ahron works at Burger Shot in Vespucci.

Mission Appearances



  • It is possible to see some of Ahron's posts on Jimmy's Lifeinvader page.
  • His Burger Shot name badge is labelled "John Doe".
  • Jimmy refers to him as the "friendly neighborhood drug dealer", which is an obvious reference to the Spider-Man franchise as his catchphrase is "It's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!".


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