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This article decribes the property. For the Agency business operations, see F. Clinton and Partner.

Not to be confused with the International Affairs Agency.

A Celebrity Solution Agency (or simply Agency) is a purchasable property in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of The Contract update.


The player can purchase one agency location from a selection available on Dynasty 8 Executive, with optional extras such as an armory, vehicle workshop and accommodation facilities. Once purchased, it will serve the player as the in-game location of the F. Clinton and Partner business. Agencies are introduced to the player through a phone call from Lamar Davis.

Go to dynasty8executive to purchase a Celebrity Solutions Agency. This property allows you to run a fixer business, accepting Security Contracts to earn legitimate income and investigative work for a VIP client.
Hey, what's happening with it, pimp, you know who it is, it's your boy LD.
Hey, I know we ain't chopped it up in a minute, but I got a homie that needs something, and y'all might just make a perfect partnership. Let me read this thing.
"Looking for a professional operative to co-manage private intelligence business catering to celebrities and high net-worth individuals."
If that sound like you, ni**a, you need to get your name on the lease over at Dynasty8[sic] Executive, and my boy goin' holla atcha. Peace.
— Lamar


Visit your Agency Blips-GTAO-826-Agency to meet your new business partner and access Security Contracts as a VIP, CEO or MC President.

During the introduction after entering the player's new agency, the player is asked by the security guard to wait at the entrance while he calls the boss before being told that the player is the owner. The guard apologises and proceeds to guide the player upstairs to the boss, Franklin Clinton, who is placing his now-worn "Employee of the Month" plaque from Premium Deluxe Motorsport (with a few letters missing/loose) for display in his new office.

Shaking hands, he introduces himself to the player as the manager, then to his pet Chop. Franklin notes how everyone he consulted with on setting up the agency all recommended the Protagonist. He briefly describes himself as a hustler that made it big with the big house, cars, and a family, but misses running things hands-on, and likes how the player runs things in just that fashion. Explaining that his background from the streets will help provide the kind of solutions the rich clientele he regularly comes into contact with need to deal with their "rich folk problems", Franklin leads the player to their own office, where they can manage the business from the desktop computer already set up for them.

Franklin will be gathering the jobs from clients that will show up on the player's computer; the first jobs will naturally be from "small fry", but once they land an A-list name, the agency will have it made. He also discreetly points out their hacker, Imani, who can be seen preparing what appears to be an espresso machine at the break kitchen through the office's glass walls.

Suddenly, Lamar Davis shows up at the office side door, claiming credit for setting up the partnership. He claims to be upset that neither Franklin nor the player didn't let him know right away that he brought the Protagonist onboard and starts looking for his cellphone, so he can post his grievances of the two on Snapmatic. Franklin asks him to calm down a bit and assuring he was going to look after Lamar tries to give him some cash, but Lamar refuses and states he is into the legalized cannabis scene. He comments on the player's early steps after they had just flown into Los Santos, having only been able to afford a coach seat on the plane to where they are now, and naturally, he doesn't have to reiterate Franklin's rise to the top, but now it's his turn. He produces a packaged sample of weed from his business, LD Organics, which Franklin opens and after taking a long sniff, is impressed by its quality.

Franklin tells the player they can begin working on the agency's contracts, while Lamar notices Imani and asks about her. Franklin explains her role and that she is the daughter of one of their homegirls, Perlie. Lamar expresses his surprise that Imani's family even had a computer while she was growing up and can't help but feel old, which Franklin agrees with. Again, Franklin tells the player that he will be working on that big A-List client, to which Lamar mistakes his words that they already have one, asks if he got Tony McTony and to see if he can get him posting LD Organics weed on his webpage. Franklin leaves for his own office with the cannabis sample after assuring Lamar that the agency's opportunities will also be opportunities for him, and Lamar comments how he believes that Franklin was lying about the big client. Lamar then claims the player must feel like somebody and an OG now, and leaves the office too while commenting that their "nuts is almost big as mine, but they won't be".


Agency Levels[]


From the entrance of the first floor (10th floor in the elevators), the player can interact with the security guard and select services similar to Tom Connors at The Diamond Casino & Resort: selecting any Personal Vehicle stored in the garage, selecting either the agency's SuperVolito Carbon or any civilian helicopter from Pegasus Lifestyle Management, or the quick-travel SUV Service option with the same destinations as the casino one. After completing one Security Contract, the second desk will be occupied by a non-interactive female receptionist. Returning to the elevator provides access to the roof, garage or exit to ground level on foot or via vehicle.

On the table in the client waiting area by the reception desk is a bowl of snacks the player can use to restock their inventory.

Office Level[]

The stairs lead to the upper area of the agency office, where most of the business features are located. Directly in front of the stairs is Franklin's office, with he and Chop sometimes seen here (if the dog is sitting up, the player can pet Chop for an RP award bonus and one-time achievement). Next to it, there is a meeting room, similar to the one from the Offices, except with a TV that can be used. Near this area there is the player's office and a computer can be found on the desk to access the F. Clinton and Partner network, where Security Contracts and the VIP Contract can be started. Past the player's office there is a set of stairs that lead to the second floor (11th floor in the elevators). A Telescope is available to look out the window; to the left of the telescope the player can lean on the rail looking down at the level below.

Operations Level[]

From the stairs, there is a meeting room on the left that houses the Armory if purchased. In the main floor area there are two long workstation desks. Imani is sometimes seen occupying one full side (two stations) and other employees will appear at the other five stations as the player completes contracts; other employees may be seen standing up, leaning against the wall and using their phones. A security camera terminal is on the workstation behind Imani's station providing cameras covering interior and exterior views. There is a Junk Energy Drink vending machine outside the door to the meeting room/Armory. Beside the workstations there is an open concept break area where anyone invited to the Agency can collect snacks, drink a Limey's juice from the fruit smoothie station or a can of Junk Energy from the island counter, and use the laptop to navigate the internet. At the far side of the workstations, there is a separate recreation room where the player can watch TV, drink whiskey or vodka, smoke the bong and interact with the radio. A Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad arcade machine is also found beside the recreation room. Chop will occasionally spawn in this area, asleep under one of the tables.

You making smart moves, homie. I appreciate the investment in our business. These guns are gonna give us the edge we need - for real. Got to come prepared. Speak to our boy in the armory and grab whatever you need to hit those security contracts. Peace.
— Frankin's text on approaching newly purchased armory

The optional Armory (if purchased) is staffed by the Requisitions Officer. This essentially provides the player with their own private Ammu-Nation. The Armory allows players to purchase discounted weapons, upgrade selected weapons into Mk II variants, buy Body Armor and Parachutes from the officer and a separate equipment section where they can also buy Rebreathers, Night Vision goggles and ear pieces. There is also a gun locker for custom weapon loadouts, and a counter beside it with free ammo pickups (24 rounds of Pistol and 24 rounds of Assault Rifle ammo) and a health pickup. Organization members, friends, and anyone else invited into the agency enjoys full access to the Armory and pickups, but not the discounted prices.

Personal Quarters[]

The other half of the Operations floor is dedicated to the owner's Personal Quarters (if purchased), complete with a wardrobe, bathroom, bedroom and TV, as well as a kitchen with a whiskey and wine bottle, and a The Wizard's Ruin arcade machine. Another telescope can be found here. Beside the arcade machine, there is a small section with the elevators which are only accessible on this level if the Personal Quarters are owned. The elevators allow direct exit to the ground, roof and garage, but not to the other levels of the Agency (and from outside, the elevators only access the main level of the office, not the Personal Quarters). Like most other properties in GTA Online, owning the Personal Quarters allows the player to select the Agency as a spawn location when starting a session (there appears to be only one spawn point for this – the bed). Chop will occasionally spawn in the quarters, sleeping on a couch or on the player's bed, but he cannot be interacted with.

Garage Levels[]

The garage is a three-level basement area where the player can store 20 Personal Vehicles. A stairway at one end allows access to each level. Elevators are available on each level to leave the building or access the Agency office space. If the workshop is owned, players can access it by entering any of their parked vehicles.


The first storage area has 5 spaces. 4 of the parking spaces on this level are reserved. The first space is marked "F. Clinton" and is usually occupied by Franklin's Buffalo STX or Bagger. The player cannot access Franklin's vehicles. Next to this is a "Partner" space reserved for the player, then a "Company Car" space for the agency Jubilee, which will be parked and available for use (though it cannot be modified in the workshop). The final two spaces are marked "Visitor", with the first reserved for mission vehicles, such as Ben Brooks' lawyer's Super Diamond, and the second occupied by Dr. Dre's dark green Champion as his contract missions are progressed[1].


The topmost floor also holds the optional Vehicle Workshop, staffed by the Agency Mechanic, with a laptop with access to the Imani Tech vehicle list.


The middle floor is dedicated to 10 player vehicles and has a vehicle management pad to switch vehicles around between spaces on all three of the floors.


The lower floor is a storage area for another 9 of the player's vehicles, with a reserved "Staff" space where Imani's Reever may be found parked. Lamar's Emperor can also sometimes be found there instead of the Reever.


All locations feature a pedestrian entry and a garage entry. Much like Offices, all Agencies include a helipad on the rooftop with automated landing and entry possible from the air.

An F. Clinton and Partner sign will be added to the exterior of the building.



All Agencies on Dynasty 8 Executive.

Agency Image Location Price In-game Description
Little Seoul
Little Seoul Tower
Corner San Andreas Avenue and Palomino Avenue.
$2,010,000 "This grade-A office comes with the delightful addition of Little Seoul ambience, a soothing mix of nightlife, gang crime, and the howling curbside breakdowns of lonely businessmen."
Vespucci Canals
Celltowa Building
Corner South Rockford Drive and San Andreas Avenue.
$2,145,000 "Want to add some European glamor to your agency? It's never been easier with these two simple steps: 1. Pick a spot in Vespucci Canals. 2. Start day-drinking. Eccolo!"
Rockford Hills
Unnamed building
Corner Marathon Avenue and Movie Star Way.
$2,415,000 "For many, the bad part about Rockford Hills is its population of wealthy celebrities endlessly complaining about their problems. For you, the good part about Rockford Hills is the population of wealthy celebrities endlessly complaining about their problems."
Galileo House
Corner Spanish Avenue and Meteor Street.
$2,830,000 "This luxurious office space in Galileo House offers splendid views of shameless commercialism at its finest. You know you've made it when you're side by side with Queefstat."



Option Description Image Price
Art Pick from three distinctive collections of paintings, prints and sculptures all guaranteed to leave you contemplating, what is art and where's the line? 3 different options:

$195,000 - $340,000

Wallpaper Get ready to create the illusion of unique style and exceptional taste with a catalog of wallpapers that scream We Have So Much Money We Will Plaster It To The Walls. 9 different options:

$187,500 - $442,500

Highlight Choose from a palette of sotisphicated colors, featuring elegant favorites like Gallery Gray, Bodacious Brown, and Rectum Red. 9 different options each for $100,000
Armory You might be asking yourself, is it standard practice for an agency to have its own in-house armory and weapons expert? Of course! How do you think these deals get done.
Accomodation You know the drill. Work. Sleep. Get Rich, Repeat. Keeping it all in arm's reach isn't lazy. It's business efficiency.
Vehicle Workshop Fashionable office? Check. Loyal clients? Check. A workshop to transform vehicles into highly defensive, extremely dangerous weapons of mass desctruction? Check.

* Set by default on the initial purchase. Only charges when switching back during the renovation.






Trophies and Collectibles[]



  • When entering the Agency, players can enter combat stance and throw punches as they exit the elevator. However, they will revert to passive stance right after the entry cutscene ends.
  • Occasionally, the F. Clinton & Partner sign at the entrance of the building might disappear.[2]
  • Upon purchasing renovations for an Agency, Franklin will text the player with his phone icon from GTA V. It will always be busy and the phone number will show.
  • Entering the Agency garage on a motorcycle will show no entry animation.
  • When using the elevator to access the garage, the doors may not completely open, resulting in the Protagonist glitching through the doors during the entry cutscene.
  • When approaching the elevator lobby from a garage level, the player character may run into an invisible wall momentarily before being able to walk forward to the elevators. This glitch seems to happen if entering from the exterior garage entrance.
  • Attempting to enter the Agency garage while On Call will give a pop-up erroneously calling the garage an Auto Shop.[3]
  • Upon the update's release, there was a glitch that allowed the player to drive their agency Jubilee into other players' agency garages in a different location, automatically sending the vehicle back. After this, a duplicated Jubilee would be seen inside their own agency garage, which could be customised and insured to make it a personal vehicle[4], but unsellable as its value is beyond $50,000. This was patched in later updates.[5]
  • Sometimes, the player's office might revert to its "setup" state (with all contents missing and moving boxes strewn around), and the female receptionist will also vanish from her desk. This can be fixed by exiting and re-entering the Agency. This glitch may also occur after renovating the Agency or setting it as the spawn point.
  • Rarely, the player is unable to request another civilian helicopter from the transportation list other than the free agency SuperVolito Carbon, even if the player already owns them. This can be fixed by exiting and re-entering the Agency.
  • When spawning into the Agency in a public lobby, the armorer might not be at his post, making it impossible to resupply/purchase weapons. Exiting the Agency and re-entering does not always fix this; the only option to restore the armorer is to find a new session.
  • The office safe may occasionally reset to $0 (encountered on PS4).


  1. In the meantime, one of Dre's people are gonna bring round the car the phone got stolen from. We can do some forensics on it, see if we can get a lead that way.
    Imani to the player explaining the car's presence after On Course.
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