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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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They want to buy this place... But first they mean to destroy it.
— Agatha Baker to GTA Online Protagonist.

Agatha Baker is a character in Grand Theft Auto Online, introduced in the The Diamond Casino & Resort update as a main character.


Ms. Baker has an MBA. She takes her job as the manager of the casino very seriously and stays professional when dealing with associates. However, with her own staff she can be blunt or insulting. Avery Duggan calls her a "ball buster", as she doesn't display a sign of being intimidated by the Duggans when meeting them in Casino - Strong Arm Tactics.

She seems very concerned to be linked to violent activities and expresses disgust when the protagonist is tasked with killing people. However, she's not above using violence to suit her needs, as shown in one of the Casino Work missions (Fake News), where she calls it 'amazing' when the protagonist violently mugs a critical reporter.


Agatha Baker is a business woman who attempts to keep away from criminal activities, or at the very least, tries not to be seen involved in criminal activities. She reluctantly goes along with the increasingly violent situation involving a buyout with the Texans, which ends in an assassination of Avery. Following the events of the buyout, Agatha seems to have become more tolerant and even appreciative of underhanded and "off the books" activities, finding it to be more effective than getting the authorities involved. At one point, she uncharacteristically asks the protagonist, in a blatant manner, to kill someone; this is opposed to her usual dialogue involving denying exactly what she is asking. Agatha also mentions becoming excited during the mission to kill the reporter.

Missions Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Diamond Casino & Resort

The Diamond Casino Heist

Phone Services

The player can call her to access one of the following options:

Request Work
Request a work from Ms. Baker.
— Instructional Message.

This option triggers a random Casino Work mission, which can be activated by becoming a VIP/CEO of an organization or MC president.

Limousine Service
Request a limousine to be sent to your location.
— Instructional Message.

This option requests a black Stretch that works similarly to calling a Taxi. By default, the limo will bring the player to the casino, but one can choose a different location by setting a waypoint on the GPS. The player also has the option to hurry the limo driver or leave the vehicle at any point during the drive.

Car Service
Request a luxury car to be sent to your location.
— Instructional Message.

This option enables the player a selection of six luxury cars to use as an alternative to a Personal / Pegasus vehicle, free of charge. The car may spawn near the player and will stay on the map if the player is within a 1km radius, displayed on the map with a Blips-GTAO-GenericCar-Gold.png icon.

The six vehicles provided by this service are:[1]

Vehicle Color Image
Cognoscenti Cabrio
No. P S Prl W T D
1 141 1 70 82 0 132
No. P S Prl W T D
1 9 5 7 156 0 132
No. P S Prl W T D
1 147 0 4 156 0 132
Super Diamond
No. P S Prl W T D
1 62 1 70 156 0 132
No. P S Prl W T D
1 13 12 0 156 0 132
No. P S Prl W T D
1 50 28 92 156 0 132

These vehicles are in different extents pre-modified, but not given with any performance upgrades.



  • Ms. Baker appears to understand Chinese, as she can understand Tao Cheng without help of his translator, and even corrects the translator in the cutscene where the player first enters the penthouse.



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  2. [1]Ms. Baker’s luxury car service has stopped working. It no longer gives me the option, and only says “You cannot request a luxury car at this time.” Any help? Thanks.
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