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Open the backroom door or I'll blow your fucking face off! Leave the panic button or I'll kill your children too!
— Catalina threatening the betting shop cashier.

Against All Odds is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Catalina from outside the Inside Track betting shop in the town of Montgomery in Red County.


Carl and Catalina arrive at the betting shop in Montgomery, having already decided to rob the shop at Catalina's hideout. The two enter the building with Catalina pointing a gun at the female cashier, threatening to kill her if she does not open the back door. The cashier, however, pushes the panic button and an alarm goes off, with Catalina shooting the cashier, who is protected by bullet-proof glass. Catalina, in anger, then kills two of the customers before telling Johnson to open the door and then the safe with satchel charges that she had obtained. After doing so, Carl collects the money from the safe and the two leave. They leave the shop and, after losing the police, return to Catalina's hideout in Fern Ridge where Catalina giving Carl his share of the money.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get inside the Inside Track Betting Shop.
  • Use the satchel to open the safe.
  • Get in the car.
  • Get to Pay 'n' Spray to lose the Wanted Level.
  • Park vehicle inside Pay 'n' Spray.
  • Take Catalina back to the hideout.


The reward for completing the mission is $2,000. The mission which would be unlocked upon completion of this mission will depend on which robbery missions have been previously done/haven't been done. Satchel Charges are now available to buy at Ammu-Nation.


Carl Johnson and Catalina arrive at the Inside Track betting shop in Montgomery.
CJ: You wanna rob a betting shop?
Catalina: Yeah. You not man enough? Here, Carl.
CJ: Satchel charges?! Where the hell'd you get them?
Catalina hands CJ some satchel charges as they both head inside the betting shop.
Catalina: Open the backroom door or I'll blow your fucking face off! Leave the panic button or I'll kill your children too!
The cashier pushes the panic button, triggering the alarm.
Catalina: I warned you, you stupid bitch! Stupid fucking bitch!
Catalina shoots one of the civilians in retaliation.
Catalina: (not in subtitles) Now I kill you. Eat my shit! Stop playing with your balls and hurry up!
As Catalina keeps shooting civilians, CJ places satchel charges on the backroom door and detonates them, blowing the door open.
Catalina: Go! Get in there and open the safe!
CJ opens the safe by using satchel charges and detonating them. CJ then goes to get the money.
CJ: OK, I got it!
Catalina: About fucking time, you're a fucking sloth!
CJ: Whatever, let's roll.
CJ and Catalina leave the betting shop as they find themselves surrounded by state police.
  • Get in the fucking car! (if the player arrived in a car)
  • Carl, get us some fucking wheels! (if the player arrived in a motorcycle or without a vehicle)
CJ and Catalina get into their vehicle and lose the heat by heading to a Pay 'n' Spray.
Catalina: Get us back to the hideout!
CJ and Catalina head back to her hideout in Fern Ridge.
If done during "First Base"...
CJ: You're a fucking psycho!
Catalina: All you little men are scared of strong women! If we're passionate, you say we're crazy. If you're upset, you say we're hysterical. We sleep with men, we're sluts. If we don't put out, we're frigid bitches.
CJ: Who you calling little men? You went berserk back there!
Catalina: That? That was just another day at the office! You can't stand the heat, go put your tiny balls in the freezer!
CJ: Tiny balls?! Now just wait a minute...
Catalina: Enough! Just shut up and drive, I'm counting the fucking money!
If done during "Gone Courting"...
Catalina: Take me home, Carl.
CJ: Okay, look, but we gotta talk about something.
Catalina: What? What do I have to say to you?
CJ: You're a great girl and all, but you gotta calm down. I know some cold-blooded cats wouldn't act like you.
Catalina: Oh, you get given a lioness and you want a pussycat? Wimp!
CJ: No, I just want...
Catalina: You know why I act like this.
CJ: No.
Catalina: I'm in love, Carl. A woman's heart is a tempestous place, and you will break my heart. Sometimes, I want to kill us both!
CJ: Please, don't do that. Just relax a little.
If done during "Made in Heaven"...
Catalina: Take me home now, big man.
CJ: How we do?
Catalina: Is that all you care about? Money?
CJ: No, but I really need the paper...
Catalina: You revolt me. You make my skin crawl.
CJ: Well, I ain't crazy about you, either!
Catalina: That's just it - how little you know. Don't talk, let us enjoy the peace and quiet.
CJ and Catalina arrive at the hideout.
Catalina: You impress me, Carl Johnson! Here's your cut, big man.


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  • The safe uses the same model as the one found in the Vercetti Estate in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • No matter how fast the player blows open the safe, Catalina will always yell at Carl for being slow.
  • If the player arrived by a car to the betting shop and make a getaway with it, the radio station turns to K-Rose
  • Sometimes when placing a satchel charge on the safe and detonating it, it won't always crack open the safe.