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Adversary Modes are various game modes added to Grand Theft Auto Online on March 10, 2015, with the release of the Heists Update.


Adversary Modes are different player vs player modes assigned by Martin Madrazo, in which (as the name states) several players go up against another group of players in different ways.

Adversary Modes are started in the Online Job's Menu, where the player can use the corresponding filter to display all the modes, each one having a specific map based on the number (which ranges from three to seven maps per mode).

As content for GTA Online has been released, some Adversary Modes, typically ones that can potentially be set indoors, have received new maps by reusing assets from updated content:

List of Adversary Modes

Added in the Heists Update
Image Name Description
Come Out to Play Come Out To Play is where three runners make it to a safe location and a team of hunters hunt them down. The runners have more weapons as than that of the hunters, but can only move on foot and have only one life. The hunters are armed with free-aim shotguns and ride motorbikes and ATV's, unable to get off of them.
Siege Mentality Siege Mentality is a game mode in which four players hold down a location on the map while six attackers attempt to kill them. Attackers have infinite lives but can only use Sawed off Shotguns, while the defenders have one life and can use their full roster of weapons.
Hasta La Vista In Hasta La Vista the player can either be a cyclist or a trucker. The goal of the cyclists is to get to the checkpoint while avoiding getting crushed by a trucker. If all cyclists get crushed by the truckers, then the truckers win the game. The number of players for either team is 2. Neither of the teams will have radar visualization on other players.
Added in the Freemode Events Update
Image Name Description
Cross the Line In Cross the Line, heavily-armed squads face off across a neutral zone – with the goal of having all team members strategically penetrate their opponents territory to claim victory.
Hunting Pack In Hunting Pack, the players are divided into three teams. One player will be the runner, who will drive the bomb-rigged vehicle. The other players will either be attackers or defenders. The runner tries to deliver a vehicle to the end location, with the help of the defenders. The attackers try to slow the vehicle down under its minimum speed; if the runner's vehicle stays under this speed for a few seconds, the vehicle will explode.
Added in the Lowriders update
Image Name Description
Keep the Pace In Keep the Pace, the player would be tasked to race around courses littered with jumps and obstacles while keeping above a minimum speed. Failure to maintain speed will result the player's car to explode, instantly eliminating the player.
Offense Defense In Offense Defense, the player will be in teams of two. One player would be the "Runner", whose aim is to be the fastest to reach a target. The other player would be the "Protector", whose aim is to prevent opposing Runners from reaching the target before his team does.
Relay In Relay, players will be relay racing. A player of a team would be racing the first round, and another teammate would be racing the second round, and so forth.
Running Back In Running Back, the players are divided in two teams, one offensive team and the other the defensive team. The offensive team must help its Runner, who is driving a Panto, reach the other side of the map using Biftas, while the defensive team must prevent the Runner, while also using Biftas.

It is partially based on American Football, a popular sport to play around Thanksgiving.

Every Bullet Counts In Every Bullet Counts, four players must go against each other using nothing but a Marksman Pistol with only two bullets and Melee Weapons. Scattered around the map and left by dead players are ammo for the Marksman Pistol, which is essential for more one-shot kills.
Added in the Halloween Surprise update
Image Name Description
Slasher In Slasher, the player will be placed either as a Hunted or the Slasher. The Slasher must hunt down and kill the Hunted within 3 minutes with a shotgun while the Hunted only have a Flashlight. If the Hunted survive for 3 minutes, they will gain a shotgun to try and fight back against the Slasher.
Added in the Executives and Other Criminals update
Image Name Description
Extraction In Extraction, players are divided into two teams. The "Bodyguards" must protect and escort the "Target" to one of the evac points in the map; the other team is "The Hit Squad", whose main task is to kill the target before the opponent team escapes.
Added in the Festive Surprise 2015 update
Image Name Description
Beast vs. Slasher In Beast vs. Slasher, Beasts must collect fifteen checkpoints scattered around the area while the Slashers hunt them down. It is a cross between two previous game modes: Hunt the Beast and Slasher.
Added in the January 2016 Update
Image Name Description
Drop Zone With four teams and up to 16 players zeroed in on the target area, Drop Zone is fast, chaotic and prone to huge swings in fortune. First team to hold the drop zone for a total of two non-continuous minutes wins.

It is essentially a mix of Parachuting and a standard Deathmatch.

Added in the Be My Valentine update
Image Name Description
Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part was released on February 12th, 2016, two days after the update itself. It is basically a Last Team Standing, played in teams of 2. However, there is only one life shared between the team, meaning that once a teammate dies, the other automatically commits suicide.
Rhino Hunt Rhino Hunt involves stopping one or two players in Rhino Tanks, with the other team using only sticky bombs with a small choice of BF offroad vehicles.
Added in the Lowriders: Custom Classics update
Image Name Description
Sumo Sumo involves using brute force to shove the opponents out of a designated area using vehicles.
In and Out In And Out is an adversary mode that is essentially a revamped version of the capture game mode.
Inch By Inch Inch By Inch was released on April, 12, 2016. Players, equipped with various weapons (Pistol, Sawn-off shotgun, Heavy Sniper and Grenades) must take a package, initially located in the center of the playing area to the opposite site in less than five minutes.
Added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update
Image Name Description
Trading Places In Trading Places, players are battling in variable teams. When a lower-class trader player (Loser) kills a member of the opposing team, he is switched onto that team, becoming the VIP (Winner). The player killed is switched from the winners to the losers.
Power Play Power Play is similar to a deathmatch, except that it has numerous power-ups available. Start, end, and pickups are announced by a cybernetic voice.
Added in the Cunning Stunts update
Image Name Description
Entourage In Entourage, one player is the Target, the rest of the team are bodyguards, and an opposing team are the Assassins. Like Extraction, the bodyguards must protect the target from the assassins in order to allow the target to reach an extraction point.

It is very similar to Cops 'n' Crooks from Grand Theft Auto IV, albeit without vehicles.

Added in the Bikers update.
Image Name Description
Slipstream In Slipstream, Players work in teams of 2 or more to hit checkpoints at the same time. Teams need to take full advantage of the other players' slipstreams for speed boosts – and using well timed attacks to melee opponents off their bikes – to finish first. All players use equivalent bikes.
Lost vs Damned In Lost vs Damned, players are split into two teams, Angels and Devils. Every 60 seconds, each team has a phase in which they score points with stronger weapons (Angels during the day, Devils during the night). The opposing team with only a melee weapon has to hide, but can get kills to reduce points during their off-phase.
Deadline In Deadline, Up to four players are set in differently colored Shotaros over a large floating platform which makes up the arena. The objective of the game is to take out the rival players by using the bike's energy trail to block their paths. Three different power ups are scattered around the map to make an advantage of the player if used wisely.
Kill Quota In Kill Quota 16 players in teams of 2, 3, or 4, go against each other using 4 loadouts of 6 weapons. Starting with a powerful weapon, such as the RPG, and ending with a one kill melee weapon, such as the Knuckle Dusters. The first team to run through all weapons in the loadout wins.
Added in the Import/Export update.
Image Name Description
Turf Wars In Turf Wars, two to four teams strap themselves into a range of speedy vehicles and compete to control tiles. Drive over each tile to claim it with your team’s color while defending your turf from your foes, all while picking up strategically-located rockets in this new vehicular-themed Adversary Mode.
Vehicle Vendetta In Vehicle Vendetta, the player can exercise their pent up road rage without concern for LSPD response units. The new Adversary Mode that pits the player and their teammates against an opposing crew of motorized maniacs, all competing for power-ups that can singlehandedly turn the tide of battle.
Collection Time In Collection Time, it's all about the give and take. In two to four teams, players battle to steal and hoard the most points over the given time period. Each player starts out with one point in the form of a money bag; once killed that bag will drop and be up for grabs for whoever can reach it first. The team holding the most bags when the clock runs out wins.
Juggernaut In Juggernaut, two opposing teams fight each other with the help of the heavily-armored Juggernaut. Attackers have small variety of weapons and infinite lives, while the Juggernaut depends of Heavy Weapons and huge health, but slow movement and only a single life. The team who manages to kill the enemy Juggernaut wins the match.
Added in the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update.
Image Name Description
Resurrection In Resurrection, players are required to kill the opponents. If a player dies, they will remain as a spectator until a teammate kills another player on the opposing team, resurrecting the teammate. While spectating, players have a full view of the area from a top-down perspective and can see both teammates, and enemies, until they are resurrected.
Land Grab In Land Grab, the floor is made up of neon tiles. Players are required to "grab" as many tiles as they possibly can by walking/running over them. After a minute and a half, the team which has the most tiles will be given a point.
Tiny Racers Tiny Racers is a race in a bird's-eye perspective where those who are far behind the lead racer for too long will simply lose. Power-ups are available to make a difference in the race and win the match. Depending of the map, all players will use a default vehicle.
Added in the Gunrunning update
Image Name Description
Dawn Raid Dawn Raid is a gamemode where two teams fight each other while in search of a transmitter hidden in one of the multiple crates of the area. The player who finds and takes the transmitter will be spotted on the radar and can only run slowly, so their teammates have to protect him to reach to their respective van to win the round.
Overtime Rumble Overtime Rumble takes the basic concept of "Darts", where both teams uses their unarmed Ruiner 2000s to jump from ramps and land into specific platforms with a certain amount of points in them, from the easier 1-point platform to the difficult 5-point platform. The team who scores the most with all their attempts wins the match.
Power Mad In Power Mad, teams have to compete each other to hold a pickup for 40 seconds. The one who takes it will equip a Ballistic Equipment and must fight to survive. If the Juggernaut is killed, they will drop the pickup, but will not have their pickup timer reset, meaning if the player holds the pickup for 30 seconds, they will only require 10 seconds more on their next attempt to win the match.
Overtime Shootout Overtime Shootout is a mode that functions similarly to Overtime Rumble, but in this case, each player of both teams participate in turns, meaning one player of the first team jumps first and land on the platform, then another player of the second team and the cycle repeats for the other players. Scattered around the play map are multiple scoring platforms, which follows the same difficulty level as in Overtime Rumble (1 the easiest, 5 the hardest).
Added in the Smuggler's Run update
Image Name Description
Motor Wars Motor Wars is a Battle royale game where two teams parachutes to the ground and collect weapons and weaponized vehicles. As the time progresses, a circle timer on the HUD determines the instance where the map shrinks. The team who manages to take out the rival players wins the match.
Bombushka Run In Bombushka Run, one team uses the RM-10 Bombushka to survive as much as possible, while the other team have to take it out with Buzzard Attack Choppers. The Bombushka team only have a single opportunity to survive in a slow, heavily armored and armed plane, while the Buzzard team have light weaponry and armor, but infinite respawn until the plane is taken down. The team who survives the most as the Bombushka wins the game.
Stockpile In Stockpile, players fight for one of many briefcase checkpoints and take it to their base. Once the Item is at the base it will count as 1 point. Players on the other team can then further steal the points from the base and take it to their own. This will allow their team to gain a point. Players that get shot down with a checkpoint will drop the checkpoint in their last location. Other players can now pick up their dropped checkpoint.
Added in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update
Image Name Description
The Vespucci Job In The Vespucci Job, a team of maximum three players in Police Cruisers must impede a player in an Issi Classic from collecting fifteen checkpoints in five minutes, by crashing into him.
Trap Door In Trap Door, the teams spawn on the outer layer of a rectangular platform, and keep respawning upon death. Every 30 seconds the outermost layer is removed, and players must make their way inwards or face elimination.
Added in the After Hours update
Image Name Description
Hunting Pack (Remix) Remix of Hunting Pack. This mode takes place on large raised platforms across San Andreas. The players are divided into three teams. One player will be the runner, who will drive the bomb-rigged vehicle. The other players will either be attackers or defenders. The runner tries to deliver a vehicle to the end location, with the help of the defenders. The attackers try to slow the vehicle down under its minimum speed; if the runner's vehicle stays under this speed for a few seconds, the vehicle will explode. If any vehicles fall off the raised platforms, they will be destroyed.
Trading Places (Remix) Remix of Trading Places. In this mode, players are battling in variable teams - the Beasts and the Juggernauts; instead of VIPs and lower-class players, like in the original mode. When a beast kills a member of the opposing team - a juggernaut, he is switched onto that team. The killed juggernaut is switched to the beasts team.
Running Back (Remix) Remix of Running Back. This mode takes place on large raised platforms. The players are divided in two teams, one offensive team and the other the defensive team. The offensive team must help its Runner, who is driving a Panto, reach the other side of the map using Tezeracts, while the defensive team must prevent the Runner, while also using Tezeracts.
Sumo (Remix) Remix of Sumo. This mode takes place on large raised platforms. A part of the platform will become the "safe zone", where players need to go before the time runs out. Once there, any players that are pushed out of this zone are eliminated; players need to use brute force to shove the opponents out this area. Any players that fall off the platform will also be eliminated.
Added in the Arena War update
Image Name Description
Carnage Last Player/Team Standing mode. Eliminate the competition to win.
Flag War Capture the Flag mode. Score a point by taking the enemy team's flag to the base and prevent them from taking it from their own.
Games Masters Arena Team has to collect checkpoints within a limited time, while the Spectator Box Team intercepts them with arena traps and other gadgets.
Here Come The Monsters The "Contenders" have to evade the "Gladiators" until the timer runs out.
Hot Bomb Avoid the bomb by running away from the player who has it to survive until the end of the match. If the player's car has the bomb, they have to pass it to another player.
Tag Team Last team standing mode. Eliminate the opposing team and survive until the end, or swap with your ally and use the power-ups in the spectator box while the car is repaired to a limited extent.
Wreck It Race-based mode. Finish in 1st place while avoiding the competition. Repair the car by using the pit stop area.
Relased during the Festive Surprise 2018
Image Name Description
Buzzer Beater Survival-based mode. Collect checkpoints, perform stunts and take out enemy players to increase the timer and being the last one to win. Released on December 18, 2018.
Bomb Ball Push the bomb ball into the opposing team's area until the timer runs out to score a point, or push it onto the opposing team's goal to score bonus points. Released on December 25, 2018.
Added in the Los Santos Summer Special update
Image Name Description
Diamond Adversary Series The Diamond Adversary Series is a collection of adversay modes which take place inside the The Diamond Casino & Resort.