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"Powered by SecuroServ."
―In-game tagline.

Ad-Hawk Autos is a website in Grand Theft Auto Online, part of SecuroServ, added as part of the Import/Export update for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



The Ad-Hawk Autos laptop found in the Vehicle Warehouse's office.

Similar to the Ad-Hawk website, Ad-Hawk Autos is only accessible in a Vehicle Warehouse, on a small laptop in the office section of the warehouse.

The website is an integral part of the Vehicle Cargo work and allows the player to export any vehicles in their warehouse, through the means of exporting to random buyers, or exporting as part of a vehicle collection required by high-end buyers.


Once the player has collected vehicles, they are able to export them, with the help of the mod-shop mechanic. When selecting a vehicle to export, they will be prompted with 3 options; a private buyer, a showroom buyer, or a specialist dealer.


Some buyers want a collection of cars with certain license plates and styles. Players in Organizations will be able to export from two to four cars simultaneously. By completing these, players will be awarded with a bonus for the collection.

Uninsurable Collector: Jay Norris Collection Bonus: $35,000
Birds of Paradise Collector: Curtis Cray Esq Collection Bonus: $50,000
Fading Power Collector: Keith Collins MD Collection Bonus: $20,000
No Direct Sunlight Collector: DJ Playlist Collection Bonus: $35,000
Stay Declasse Collector: Ms. M Schultz Collection Bonus: $35,000
Molten Metal Collector: Ronnie Bonelli Collection Bonus: $50,000
Pastel Perfection Collector: Cloe Parker Collection Bonus: $35,000
Hip to be Square Collector: Tao Cheng Collection Bonus: $50,000
Shades of Blue Collector: Cris Formage Collection Bonus: $50,000
End of Empires Collector: The Sultan of Amir Collection Bonus: $20,000

Export Vehicles

All current vehicles in the warehouse are listed on the main page and are displayed along with their registration plate. Some of the vehicles in the player's warehouse may be part of the special Collection listed above, meaning the player should always be alert and stock up these collection batches.

All colors and modification combinations remain the same each time. There are 32 vehicles, with 3 variations of each vehicle, totaling to 96 combinations.


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