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Slow down? Hold up, wait, ooohhhh. Jesus, physics lesson, fuckball. Do you know how motorcycles work? Do ya Johnny? (-You about to get schooled. - Brian Jeremy), Centrifugal inertia. Meaning the quicker your wheels go, the more stable you are. The faster we go, the harder we hit it, the more us brothers pull together.
Billy Grey to Johnny Klebitz.

Action/Reaction is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Billy Grey to Johnny Klebitz.


At the start of this mission, Johnny finds Ray Boccino, from GTA IV's main storyline, talking with Billy Grey. Johnny is introduced to Ray, and immediately afterwards, Billy decides it's time to inflict pain on The Angels of Death for supposedly killing Jason Michaels, despite him saying in a previous mission that the person to blame was an "Eastern European".

The motorcycle club arrive at the Angels of Death Clubhouse and Johnny is given a Grenade Launcher to shoot through the window. After the explosion, a group of Angels of Death members attack The Lost. The Lost MC kill all enemies outside and Johnny goes into their clubhouse to kill all of their remaining members. After all are killed, Billy and Brian come in and Johnny finds out that Billy didn't want to take revenge but to take the drugs.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Follow Billy.
  • Race the Lost crew to the A.O.D. clubhouse.
  • Fire a grenade through the upstairs window.
  • Take down the Angels of Death defending their clubhouse.
  • Go with Billy.
  • Get on your bike and leave the area.
  • Get clear of the A.O.D. clubhouse.



After the cutscene, Johnny will be teleported to the Hexer in the alleyway to the left of the Lost MC clubhouse, along with Terry, Jim, Clay, Brian and Billy. After driving a little while, Johnny suggests a race, the winner being the one to reach the Angels of Death Clubhouse first.

Once everyone's on scene, Billy will hand Johnny a Grenade Launcher and tell him to flush out the AOD members inside. Firing a single grenade into the open window marked with an arrow of the Angels of Death Clubhouse suffices, and the explosion starts a fire. This flushes several of the AOD members out into the open where they engage in a firefight with the Lost MC. At this time, the player must fight and finish off the stragglers. Once all is clear outside, Johnny and Billy head inside to clear out the remaining forces. They clear out the remaining enemies in the bar room, the hallway, and downstairs in the basement workout room.

Upon reaching the basement, a large heroin stash referenced as being $2 million in value is discovered. It becomes apparent to Johnny that all of this was a ruse by Billy - the killing of Jason was indeed by an Eastern European, and the attack was instead about scoring the heroin stash, already owned by the Triads. Regardless, what's done is done, and Johnny is ordered back to his bike, and the Lost leave the area as the LCPD arrive on scene to investigate the aftermath.


Video Walkthrough


  • This mission is based on the real-life action of Hells Angels shooting a grenade into the clubhouse of the Bandidos.
  • An easy way to win the race is to shoot the back wheel of everyone's bike. This will cause them to spin out of control during the race.
  • The police in the end of this mission seem to ignore Johnny when the player escapes from the clubhouse.
  • Some of the Gang Burritos are free to take during this mission, but the mission will end in failure as Billy is abandoned.
  • Calling for the fire department and using the fire truck to put out the flames on the Angels of Death Clubhouse will not extinguish the fire. The same happens in Roman's Sorrow.
  • The Heroin on the table is only seen in the ending cutscene of this mission, as it is not seen on the table before killing the last Angels of Death member.
  • After the Angels of Death member who was on fire dies, the fire will continue to burn his charred corpse and will not go out no matter how much time passes until all the gang members have been killed.