For the station in the Acter Industrial Park, see Acter Industrial Park Police Station.

The Acter Police Station is a station of the Alderney State Police featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes.


The Acter Police Station is located on the intersection of Vitullo Avenue and Lee Road in Acter, Alderney City. It is just across the street from the park where Niko Bellic meets with Derrick McReary several times to get jobs from him.

The station is actually a converted house. According to signs above and next to the front entrance, it concerns a substation that houses a mini precinct, serving the West District.

The signs also mention two phone numbers: 555-3867 and 555-4830.

A few police vehicles are usually parked outside.

A body armor pickup can be found in an alleyway behind the station.

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