Acter Nuclear Power Plant GTAIV from north

Acter Nuclear Power Plant.

The Acter Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant in the Acter Industrial Park, Alderney City in the State of Alderney featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is identical to the Hatch Nuclear Power Plant in Baxley, Georgia and has two boiling water reactors in one reactor complex. To cool the two reactors there are two cooling towers that are higher than 100m and that can be seen from Plumbers Skyway and even from parts of Algonquin. The 7 story high reactor is located near the sea next to another power plant. In the area around the nuclear power plant there is also a large oil refinery and another power plant with a cooling tower.

To protect the plant there are a few security guards and policemen in the area. This is important because of the high crime rate in some districts nearby. Also the Acter NPP has a protective fence, but the player can reach the plant by car as it is easy to get through it. There are also stairs leading to the roof of the reactor. To protect the area against any possible flooding, a protective sea wall is situated here.

There is a person that can sometimes be seen on the top of one of the cooling towers who seems to be a worker.



  • If the player flies close to the burning chimneys, their helicopter may sometimes catch on fire.
    • Also, if Niko were to jump out and hit the flames, he would catch fire.
  • If the player attempts to go into one of the cooling towers (by flying a helicopter into one or jumping into one from a helicopter), the game can sometimes freeze for an unknown reason (Confirmed on the Xbox 360, unconfirmed on PC).
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