Acter Bridge

The Acter Bridge is an unnamed derelict bridge which crosses the canal separating Tudor from the Acter Industrial Park.


The bridge is a large two-lane steel-truss raising bridge. The bridge connected Tinderbox Avenue to the north and Trinity Road to the south.

The bridge appears to have been closed for a number of years, as weeds are growing through the concrete and the steel girders are severely rusted. The northern approach to the bridge has been removed, but the southern approach remains in situ, albeit fenced off from the road.

Interestingly, multiple abandoned and derailed rail freight cars can be found along the southern approach of the bridge, though no track can be found on the actual bridge, and the closest abandoned railroad line is blocks away.

The bridge appears to resemble the Stillwater Bridge which crosses the Hudson River in New York.

Prominent Appearances in Missions


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