Acter is a township and a borough in the State of Alderney. It is located south of Alderney City, bordered by Edison Avenue in the North (Berchem), Hardtack Avenue in the south (Tudor), Fulcrum Avenue in the southeast (Port Tudor), and Strower Avenue in the northeast (Normandy).


Acter is mainly an industrial city, comprised of small construction sites and low-level income housing. Most of the residential area in Acter has seen better days, while some homes seem to be completely abandoned. Acter is also a heavily gang influenced neighborhood, being the territory to Hustlers, The Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers (in TBOGT) and Alderney chapter of The Lost MC. The residents are mostly African American and Latino.


Acter is meant to represent the residential areas of North Kearny, New Jersey, and some parts of Newark, New Jersey, while its continuation of Acter Industrial Park in the south is meant to represent the Industrial district in South Kearny, New Jersey.


  • Satriale's Pork Store – Located in Kearny, NJ and made famous from being featured in The Sopranos. In the game, it's located on Moog St.



The list of streets that runs through Acter are:


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