"Discover the great outdoors like your pioneer ancestors did before you, even if that means killing whoever gets in your way. Offroad point to point race through the Paleto forest with a large jump."

Across the Wilderness is a Land Race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 8 players. Players must race around the wilderness of Mount Chiliad.

The player is supposed to be limited to Liberators only, however vehicle selection does not appear to be locked to The Liberator as intended - The 3 Beach Bum off-road vehicles (Bifta, Kalahari, Paradise) are all able to be selected even with custom vehicles disabled and the course is able to be comfortably completed with a Bifta.

This race was added in The Independence Day Special update. 


Official Screenshots




Across the Wilderness
  • Gold blip indicates checkpoint.


  • After a later patch, all other vehicles are available to use, even custom vehicles for races instead of just The Liberator.


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