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The Acid Lab is a mobile business in Grand Theft Auto Online, housed inside a Brickade 6x6.


So, what do you think? Pretty legit, right? And on-the-move whenever you want it! Dreams will be born in this lab, my friend, balls will be tripped, and all thanks to you, me, and the sweetest acid money can buy. I'm "head chef", finally, eh? Labrat part deux! I'll always be here, head down, making the miracles happen. I can't make acid out of thin air, though. I-I tried for my college thesis...
I'll keep the supplies over here in this corner, but we're gonna need to restock on the reg if you want me churning out batches 24/7. Got plenty of friends I can hit up if you need an idea of where to source the stuff. Just hit me up, yeah?
Now, once the product's just right, we take it over here and we get it all sealed up for shipping. That's where you come in. I'm working on some buyers. We do the hard work, we get the hard cash, but just between us: sending people on this trip? I'd do it for free. It's a vocation, man. The revolution starts here.
And, hey, if you ever want some quality time with the product, just jump in there, get your hands dirty and give it some spit and love. It's all a catalyst, man. It'll speed things along, and if you forget to wash your hands, you might expand your horizons, you know what I mean?
Mutt, introducing the Acid Lab and its features when the player enters it for the first time.
This is your Acid Lab. From here you can source, manufacture and sell Acid to earn additional income.

There are two ways to start the Acid Lab business.


After stealing a Brickade 6x6 from Merryweather Security's crashed Freight Train outside Palmer-Taylor Power Station and delivering it to The Freakshop, the player completes a setup mission to steal equipment to convert it to an Acid Lab.

After paying Mutt $750,000 (initially provided free for GTA+ members) for the conversion at the Vehicle Workshop station in The Freakshop, the player is then able to enter and run the Acid Lab business, with Mutt being their chemist.


Hey, so uh, you don't know me. I don't know you, but hear me out. You just bought the truck, right? An a little talking bird told me you're in the Acid business.
Listen: I'm your dude, duderoo! Head chef! head chemist! The man with the know-how! I'm gonna make your acid, then I'm gonna make you rich.
So, I usually run with this crew, but my mentor, he's cool with me to get some on-the-job experience. Man, I hope you all meet up some time. I think you'd like each other.
Anyway, see you at the lab!
— Mutt's introductory phone call if the player hasn't done any of the First Dose missions.

After Taxi Work Week, the Brickade 6x6 became available to purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,450,000. Players could buy it without dealing with Dax and the First Dose missions at all. After purchasing it, Mutt calls the player to explain the business. No further setup is required and the lab is operational immediately. The Brickade 6x6 Acid Lab is then available to be delivered from storage to the player by using the Services>Acid Lab section of the Interaction Menu.

Hey duderoo! It's me, Mutt. Labrat's assistant. You just bought the truck, right? Okay, hear me out, I got two words for you: mobile acid lab. Boom!
You're already in, I can tell from your breathing. And that means I'm gonna be your dude, yeah! Head chef! Head chemist! the freak with the know-how! I'm gonna make your acid, then I'm gonna make you rich.
We're gonna change the world, my amigo. And when Dax and everyone find out, they;'re gonna be stoked.
Okay, I'm gonna get this thing set up. See you there!
— Mutt's introductory phone call if the player hasn't done the final First Dose mission.

If the player has completed some of the First Dose missions but not the Off The Rails finale, Mutt's phone call will be slightly different, reflecting their prior meeting.

Completing Off the Rails after purchasing the truck unlocks the customization options in The Freakshop Vehicle Workshop and it will then be stored in The Freakshop whenever the player does not have it outside.

The Acid Lab can be entered through the side or the front seat.

Delivery Bike[]

The Acid Lab is equipped with Maibatsu Manchez Scout C, a variant of the Manchez Scout with limited customization options that can be used for deliveries. If Off The Rails has been completed, the bike can be customized at The Freakshop Vehicle Workshop. When driving the Acid Lab, it will be carried on its rear platform, covered by a black tarp. The delivery bike can also be used as a standalone vehicle in Free Mode either by driving it out of the Freakshop or by calling it via the Acid Lab tab of the Interaction Menu.

Acid Product[]

Main article: Acid Product

Call Mutt or source Supplies from this location Blips-GTAO-501-Package to begin production and get the business up and running.

The player can call Mutt to start a resupply mission or pay to purchase the supplies ($12,000 per section of the supply bar, up to $60,000 for a full resupply). In the Lab, the player can talk to Mutt to purchase supplies. A resupply mission can be started on the opposite side.

Once manufactured, Acid will be stored in this area. Sell the Product Blips-GTAO-Acid for a profit once there is enough stock available.

In the front section, the supplies are located on the left side, while the product is located on the right side, which will have a certain amount of supply/product depending on what is displayed on-screen. When product occupies the space, the player can find sheets of acid tabs branded with the player's Crew emblem.

Manufacturing Table[]

The production speed of your Acid can also be boosted at this table Blips-GTAO-AcidBoost once per day.

There is also a table with chemicals that the player can use to temporarily boost the production and this can be done once per day.


The Equipment Upgrade for the Acid Lab has been unlocked. This can be installed inside The Freakshop to increase the production speed and value of your Acid.

After completing 10 Fooligan Jobs, the player can upgrade their Acid Lab with an Equipment Upgrade for $250,000. Equipment will be added to the table in the rear of the Acid Lab, behind the player's Manufacturing Table. Unlike many other businesses, it doesn’t have a security upgrade, because it cannot be raided.



  • Internally, the Acid Lab is technically considered to be a Biker Business, although the player can source and sell as a CEO.
  • When the delivery bike is in use at the same time as the Acid Lab, the covered-up bike on the rear platform of the Brickade 6x6 will still be present.