In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the Achievements are Trophies which can be obtained by the player. Mostly of them, in the Drug Dealing. There are 8 Trophies, and they are requested to complete 100% of the game. The player can obtain completing a request; after completes, the trophy shows up on a shelf in all the Safehouses in the game.

Image Conquest Given from Request
Achievement Bong
Jeweled Bong Righteous Rasta Brotherhood of Bling Deal 30 packages of Weed and Downers
Achievement Pillbox
Diamond Pill Box Dance, Dance, Dance Council of Hardcore Mentalists Deal 30 packages of Acid and Ecstasy
Achievement Syringe
Platinum Syringe Agency of Centered Intelligence Deal 30 packages of Coke and Heroin
Achievement Safebox
Silver Safe The most honorable Fut Tze and Dau Jonz Tongs Get a $2.000 profit in one single Drug deal
Achievement Spoon
Wooden Spoon The ill favoured Wan Kee Tong Lose $500 in one single Drug Deal
Achievement Binoculars
Golden Binoculars Lost Brothers of Junk and Skunk Find 40 Drug dealers around the city
Achievement Briefcase
Titanium Briefcase Lost Brothers of Junk and Skunk Find all the 80 Drug dealers around the city
Achievement Key
Jeweled Key to the City The glorious Council of Headmen Own all the Safehouses in Liberty City