Abigail Grayson is an unseen character in the Grand Theft Auto series, heard in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


She is the author of Connect the Dots: Conspirisies the Kids, a children's book filled with extreme right-wing propaganda; She is a stereotypical "right-wing nutjob" and seems to be extremely delusional and paranoid, even claiming the FIB was "founded by witches" and apparently never leaving her house without Body Armor.

She appeared on the radio show Conspire on WKTT to promote her book, but continuously got off-topic. Conspire host John Smith got annoyed with her to the point he eventually ended the show early and abandoned her in the studio in the middle of one of her rants, all the while mocking her in the background as he left. She was voiced by Jen Cohn.


  • Grayson is a parody of real-life Alaska governor, Sarah Palin.
  • Grayson also shares similarities to conspiracy journalist and author Linda Moulton Howe.
  • At one point while raving about witches, she references Doctor Doom, a villain created by Marvel Comics.
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