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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Here's another tip for you, boss. Always know when to have a rest. It's the captains privilege to take a sunny pleasure cruise from time to time so let's put our feet up and enjoy a relaxing, uneventful day. I'm sure absolutely nothing will interrupt us.

Bon Voyage is a Superyacht Life mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Los Santos Summer Special update, released on August 11, 2020. It is given to players by Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player's Galaxy Super Yacht, and is available from 1 to 4 players.


Time is frozen at 20:40 and the weather will always be a heavy thunderstorm.

Immediately after starting the mission, the player will be faced with extremely stormy conditions and large ocean waves, and Brendan will exclaim that the yacht's engine and generators have all gone down. The power onboard will go out and the helicopter will explode as a wave of enemies arrive. The yacht's anti-aircraft systems have gone down too, so the player is the only line of defense for the yacht.

Enemies will arrive in multiple forms of transport, with some already onboard on both ends, some arriving in Dinghies from the water, and some rappelling down from Buzzards. Gunners in the Buzzards will also fire miniguns at the player. There are three total waves of enemies, with Brendan interjecting with dialogue in between each. The player cannot enter the interior of the yacht for the duration of the job, but a Health pack and Body Armor pickups will be available on the top deck outside the entry to the bridge. These re-spawn frequently.

After the second wave, Brendan will realize that these attackers are in fact the Kkangpae, the gang that had initially kidnapped him and who he and the player had been having ongoing trouble with. Brendan also swears that after this is done, they will take of this issue once and for all. During the third wave, Brendan will get the power on the yacht back online, including the air defenses to take care of any remaining Buzzards, and he will request that the player take care of the remaining enemies on foot and in boats, after which the mission is complete.

Brendan Darcy's Dialogue

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday... Engine down, generators offline... Oh shit! We've got company, and unless the coast guard have recently been fitted out with heavy ordinance, I don't think it's them! Our anti-aircraft systems are all down, so you're our first and last line of defense. I'm getting down to the engine room!
— Immediately after starting the mission.
How many of these nutjobs are there?
— During the first wave.
When we're done here, we're putting this to rest for good!
— After the first wave is cleared.
Is this our old friends? We really put our todger in the hornet's nest with these fellers, eh?
— After the second wave is cleared.
That's it! You little ripper! We have power back online, and that means air defenses! Mop these bastards up and we can get out of here.
— During the third wave.
Is that all of them? Strewth, that was close. I'll bet you wish you'd spent more quality time with Captain Brendan out here on the peaceful ocean, don'tcha, boss? Well, we should get some compensation out of Galaxy for the engine failure. And don't worry, we're about to put an end to this pissing contest. Now, let's get out of this weather.
— When the third wave is cleared.


Video Walkthrough


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"Bon Voyage" walkthrough between 38:34 and 48:10.