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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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So now you're getting used to life at sea, how about an important lesson? Always - and I mean always - pander to the rich and powerful. I hear the Pacific Country Club might need a leg-up from someone resourceful and, preferably, amoral. You in?
— In-game description.

All Hands is a Superyacht Life mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Los Santos Summer Special update, released on August 11, 2020. It is given to players by Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player's Galaxy Super Yacht, and is available for 1 to 4 players.


Time is frozen at 12:00 midday for the duration of the mission.

Brendan Darcy informs the player that a business deal involving members of the Pacific Country Club has turned sour, and the cars owned by its members are being set on fire. The players must head to LSIA to steal aerial firefighting planes from the coast guard in order to extinguish the flames before the fire department does. Upon arrival at the airport, there are 10 coast guard personnel patrolling the hangar with stealth visibility cones shown on the players' minimaps. Raising the alarm will attract a 2 star wanted level which is inescapable until the Tula is collected.

After taking off, the player must refill the plane's water tank by landing in the water and filling their "Water Remaining" meter. The plane has capacity for eight water "bombs".

After refilling, the player will receive a text message from an unknown number reading:

Bad move. When we're sending a message, you stay out of it or you die.

On arrival at the country club, there are two Maibatsu Mules, two Lampadati Felons, a Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire and a Pegassi Tempesta in the parking lot on fire that the player must extinguish, all while the Kkangpae (presumably the arsonists) attack the player from the ground. The player only has 5 minutes to put out the fires. After extinguishing all of the fires, Brendan will inform the player that there is another set of fires being set at the Pipeline Inn down the freeway. There, another Mule, Gauntlet Hellfire, two Felons, and two Tempestas will be on fire that the player must extinguish while enemies attack from below within another 5 minute time limit.

After extinguishing all of the fires, Brendan will request that the Tula be brought back at the yacht so he can sell it. Once the Tula is landed on the water near the yacht, the mission is complete.

Failing and restarting the mission restarts at a checkpoint next to the Tula in the hangar at LSIA with no enemies present and the player can just collect the Tula and proceed.

Brendan Darcy's Dialogue

Okay, lesson three in Captain Darcy's Deepwater Diploma: cultivating your associates. Go the the airport, I'll tell you all about it.
— Shortly after starting the mission.
See today, we're doing a solid for the high and mighty at the Pacific Country Club. Apparently an entirely legitimate business deal has turned more than a little acrimonious, and before you know it, the tennis coach is getting tipped off that their whole parking lot is about to go up in smoke. I promised we'd be there sooner than the fire department and we'd bring our A-game. The coast guard have those Aerial Firefighting planes down at the airport. it's time to get airborne and put out some flames. Once the country clubs go, the yachts are next... believe me.
— Before reaching the airport.
Alright, this puppy should get the job done. You can fill her up by landing on water. When she's full, there's a JATO system for quick take-off, and then it's just a matter of getting over the fire and bombs away.
— When entering the Tula.
I doubt they left her tanks full, stop off for a refill before you go to the club
— after stealing a Tula.
The Country Club just called, the cars are already going up in smoke.! Go, go go!
— While refilling the tanks.
Don't forget that plane can do VTOL, so you can hover in one place if that helps you hit the fires.
— When reaching the country club.
I can smell the repair bill from here, can you go any quicker?
— When time limit reaches 2 minutes remaining.
You all finished down there? Well don't fly home just yet. They're after some of the other members' cars across town. I'm pinging you the GPS... do you think you can get there in time?
— After extinguishing the first set of fires.
Did you get them all? Good work. Now, an important nuance to today's lesson... Never let a favor leave you out of pocket. How about we treat the plane as a long-term loan? Should be able to get a fair price for it, just bring it back to the yacht!
— After extinguishing the second set of fires.
You know, as weeks go, this was an easy one. Last Tuesday we got boxed in by a fleet of climate activists on sailing skiffs. Wasn't pretty, and I'm not just talking armpit hair.
— While delivering the Tula.
Good to see you! Just drop down on the water anywhere nearby. And, boss, I've gotta say, we're running a tight ship these days, you're a natural.
— While approaching the yacht.



Video Walkthrough


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"All Hands" walkthrough between 18:44 and 28:44.