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A Ride in the Park is a checkpoint side mission in Grand Theft Auto III, one of four in the game and a mandatory mission to achieve 100% completion.


This mission is triggered when entering the parked Landstalker near the barn in Belleville Park. It is a checkpoint mission like Patriot Playground and Gripped!, except for the fact you're in a Landstalker which is a lot less stable on bumps than the Patriots in the other off-road missions. There are 12 checkpoints in this mission, which may be collected in any order. A timer starts once you've gone through the first checkpoint. Each checkpoint gives you a 10 second bonus, giving you a theoretical two minutes (120 seconds) to complete the mission. As with the other two missions, you will fail the mission if you run out of time, if you exit the vehicle, or if your vehicle is destroyed (most likely flipped on its roof).


You will have lots of failure by flipping your Landstalker, but don't worry.

From the beginning of the mission, pick up the checkpoint on the jetty. Then drive in the water, and hit the sloped checkpoint right, don't hit sideways or your car will flip.

Go south, the 3rd and 4th ones are on the west side of the park. Just drive along the wall. Your car will take some damage but it doesn't matter. Drive through the toilet where Ray gives you missions, and to the monument in the east side of the park to get 6th.

Reverse, pick up the 7th on the south side of monument.

Go under the bridge from east to west, and climb up to pick up other checkpoints, this is the time many players will flip their cars, be careful.

The last lonely checkpoint is in the south part of the park, drive along trails to reduce the chance of flipping.


  • In the more vertical checkpoints like the one in the island, gain speed and run over it frontally. If you do it diagonally you will lose balance and fall.
  • You may have to try a couple of times to register the 2 checkpoints against the wall, keep moving forwards and in reverse until the game counts them.


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