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|{{WP|Out Run}}
|{{WP|Out Run}}
===247 Advertisements===
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R&C-CR-247-GTAO-ArcadeGraphic.png|[[Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets]], featuring a [[Bati 801RR]].
R&C-GT-247-GTAO-ArcadeGraphic.png|[[Race and Chase: Get Truckin']], featuring a [[Bodhi]].
R&C-SL-247-GTAO-ArcadeGraphic.png|[[Race And Chase: Street Legal]], featuring a [[Turismo Classic]].

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AKEDO (Japanese: アーケード, lit. "Arcade") is a Japanese video game developer featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist content update.


AKEDO appears to primarily develop racing games. The company is sponsored by 24/7, as advertisements asking the player to drink coffee from 24/7 appear before playing the game. Their games can be played on cabinets inside player-owned arcades.

All their games are identical in gameplay with minor changes between.


The company appears to be based on SEGA, as the games that are made by AKEDO are based on games developed by SEGA, and they have similar logos.

Video Games

Image Name Type/genre Gameplay Year Parody of
RaceAndChaseCrotchRockets-ArcadeGame-Coverart Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets Racing RaceAndChaseCrotchRockets-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Late 1980s Hang-On
RaceAndChaseGetTruckin-ArcadeGame-Coverart Race and Chase: Get Truckin' Racing RaceAndChaseGetTruckin-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Late 1980s Unknown
RaceAndChaseStreetLegal-ArcadeGame-Coverart Race And Chase: Street Legal Racing RaceAndChaseStreetLegal-ArcadeGame-Gameplay Late 1980s Out Run


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