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9mm Mayhem is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. To start this mission get on the Freeway behind Woody's Topless Bar in the Red Light District. This is required for 100% completion of the game. After finishing the mission, it can be replayed.


In this mission the player must eliminate more than 10 targets in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The player receives 3 Adrenaline Pills. For this, the player will get a MAC-10 with infinite ammunition (which does not need to be reloaded) and a driver on a Freeway. Once the damage meter fills up, the mission ends, but Toni will not die. Instead he simply respawns at the starting point and can retry at will.

Each kill gives the player money based on the following formula: . The first kill nets $5, and subsequent kills are worth more.

  • 2nd: $20
  • 3rd: $45
  • 4th: $80
  • 5th: $125
  • 6th: $180
  • 7th: $245
  • 8th: $320
  • 9th: $405
  • 10th: $500
  • 11th: $605
  • 12th: $720
  • 13th: $845
  • 14th: $980
  • 15th: $1125

The first two targets are PCJ-600s. They don't have gunman, so they can be destroyed without trouble. First the player will get $5 for the first one and $20 for the second one. The next two targets also don't have protection. They are two Yardie Lobos. For the third target the player get $45, and then $80 for the next. The fifth target is when the gunmen start coming. The next two are Stingers with one MP5 gunman. For the fifth the player is rewarded get $125.

After destroying the sixth target the player will get $180. The next two are Bobcats with one MP5 gunman. After disposing of the seventh the player will receive $245, and $320 for the next. Target number nine is a Bobcat with an AK-47 gunman. Destroying this will reward the player with $405. The next one is a Patriot with an M4 gunman. After eliminating this one the player will get $500.

Number eleven and twelve are the same as number ten. Number eleven will give the player $605, and number twelve will give the player $720. Number thirteen will possibly be the last one due to the lack of time. This one is a Patriot with a Shotgun gunman with a reward of $845.


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