233 Liberty Lane is a skyscraper in Grand Theft Auto IV, located in City Hall, Algonquin.


It is located in City Hall, Algonquin. The building is clearly based on the Woolworth Building in New York City.


Bordered by Diamond Street, Calcium Street, Union Drive West, and Liberty Lane, the building is a large skyscraper presumably built during the early 20th century, distinguishable by its ornate neo-Gothic style facade, use of mansard roofs and a elaborate crown. The building is a major feature of the Lower Algonquin skyline, appearing very much visible from the mouth of the West River, Suffolk, and Star Junction, which is seen when driving southbound on Denver-Exeter Avenue.

The existence of retail businesses implies the building is primarily intended for commercial use, although its proximity with other municipal buildings in the district may suggest city governmental departments may be operating within the building (Kiki works as a public defender in the "Civic Citadel", although it could be implied she actually works at the city hall building).

Additionally, there are jump ramps at the northern and southern sides of the building. Players can execute a stunt jump using these ramps.

233 Liberty Lane is the fifth tallest building in the game, surprassed by the South Parkway Building, Bawsaq Building, Zirconium Building and Rotterdam Tower. It surpasses the Panoramic Towers in Hatton Gardens.



  • The entrance textures appear to be directly taken from real-life photographs of the Woolworth Building, the building's real counterpart. The number "233" remains above the signage.
  • A scene taking place inside the building is featured in GTA V's movie "Meltdown".
  • The building is incorrectly labeled as "Civic Citadel" on the game's hard-copy map.

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