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Events concerning the Grand Theft Auto series in 2022.

Real World Events

Game World

HD Universe

  • The events of The Contract update for Grand Theft Auto Online still take place.
    • January 22: Dr. Dre's previously stolen songs are officially released. All 6 songs are broadcast by Radio Los Santos.
  • The events of the Expanded and Enhanced version's exclusive Career Builder introduction for Grand Theft Auto Online take place.
    • March 15: Hao's Special Works is established in Los Santos.
    • The GTA Online Protagonist is released from prison after being arrested during a failed heist and all of their assets seized by the LSPD. However, the protagonist managed to hide away $4,000,000, and they entrusted Lamar Davis with that money to help rebuild their career, either becoming an Executive, a Gunrunner, a Nightclub Owner or a Biker once again.
    • The GTA Online Protagonist kills a few Ballas gang members in Davis for Lamar Davis.
    • Hao contacts the GTA Online Protagonist to promote Hao's Special Works.