Events concerning the Grand Theft Auto series in 1997.

Real World

Game World

2D Universe

  • The events of Grand Theft Auto take place.
    • El Burro is killed in Vice City.
    • Johnny Zoo is arrested on Hello Sushi Bar Massacre, and is released on $2 million bail.
    • Danny Zoo is arrested and charged of multiple murders in a gambling den. He is released on a technicality.
    • Jerkov is arrested on possession of heroin. He is acquitted when the evidence is lost.
    • Kov-Kov is suspected of causing an explosion at the police headquarters.
    • Lodov massacres a rival gang in broad daylight. The only witness dies.

3D Universe

  • The Triads starts operating in Liberty City after the Hong Kong handover in July 1997.[1]
  • Mayor Roger C. Hole is involved in yet another scandal. This time, Hole is accused of securing drugs for city officials in exchange for sanitation contracts.[2]
  • Momma's Restaurante is voted one of Liberty City's top 100 Sicilian-American Restaurants.
  • Barry Harcross was falsely charged by the FBI for money laundering for the mob in his construction company.
  • Johnny was taught to clean the bathroom by his father, Bob.
  • RAILS cereal was introduced.
  • El Burro is being under observation by the LCPD.
  • Mayor Roger C. Hole is again narrowly reelected Mayor for a third term, defeating candidate Miles O'Donovan.

HD Universe



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