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Events concerning the Grand Theft Auto series in 1973.

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  1. Police Files (GTA2 website)

  2. Carson General Hospital sign.
  3. LCPD Database Record
  4. LCPD Database Record
  5. LCPD Database Record
  6. LCPD Database Record
  7. LCPD Database Record
  8. LCPD Database Record
  9. LCPD Database Record
  10. - Grand Theft Auto V
  11. For the past 40 years, our customers have trusted in the comfortable mediocrity of the LTD brand. We're open around the clock for your every convenience. Need change? No problem! Unlike some service stations that only keep a limited amount of cash on hand, our registers are always well-stocked and ready to serve you any time of day

    GTAV: The Manual

  12. Original features! This cozy apartment in West Vinewood had only one owner, who didn't update a single thing since he moved in there 40 years ago and then passed away - it was days before anyone noticed. Includes 2-car garage. - Grand Theft Auto Online.