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Events concerning the Grand Theft Auto series in 1971.

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  1. Claude Speed is 28-years old according to the Zaibatsu computer seen in GTA 2: The Movie.
  2. Tommy! Tommy. It's been too long. I know, I know. You're just overwhelmed with emotion. Fifteen years - seems like only yesterday.
    — Sonny Forelli during An Old Friend.
  3. Sonny Forelli: "How many was it? Ten? No, eleven men. That's how you get to be called the Harwood Butcher. Heh-heh-heh."
    Tommy Vercetti: "You sent me to kill one man, ONE MAN. They knew I was coming, Sonny..."
    —Sonny Forelli and Tommy Vercetti during Keep Your Friends Close...
  4. LCPD Database Record (Billy Grey)
  5. - The Lost and Damned
  6. Melanie Mallard's contact info (Huang's PDA)
  7. LCPD Database Record (Derrick McReary); LCPD Database Record (Bucky Sligo)
  8. Proudly serving Sandy Shores since 1971.
    — Larry's RV Sales tagline
  9. I've worked the bar at Hookies for over 30 years, and I'm only 42 so I really have grown up with the place! Anything you need, just let me know.
    — Franny to Michael De Santa or Franklin Clinton, after one of them purchases the Hookies restaurant in Grand Theft Auto V.
  10. Seen on the "Classic American Cars" poster inside the Auto Shop if the "Route 68" style is applied.

  11. Alamo Tattoo Studio graffiti.