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Events concerning the Grand Theft Auto series in 1970.

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  1. VCPD Crime Record Grand Theft Auto website\Gangstas\Bubby

  2. Any radio station can play songs about abusing drugs and women. But we've been doing it successfully for 22 years. You're listening to... The Dust.

    — Radio stinger

  3. LCPD Database Record
  4. LCPD Database Record
  5. LCPD Database Record
  6. LCPD Database Record
  7. LCPD Database Record
  8. LCPD Database Record
  9. LCPD Database Record
  10. LCPD Database Record
  11. She claims to be 43 on her Hush Smush profile (Username: Foxymama21)
  12. Johnson's sign in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  13. Taco Bomb is a chain of Americanized-Mexican fast food restaurants that has fed students, poor people and drunk drunks since 1970.

    — Description on

  14. Forget the last 50 years of technological advancement and hark back to the golden age of driving before seatbelts, DUI laws, anti-lock brakes and emasculating GPS systems with nagging female voices. A prototype sports car manufactured by Grotti in the early 1970s, this marvel of Italian engineering will over-compensate for just about anything. Just like the Italians.

    Legendary Motorsport description.