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Events concerning the Grand Theft Auto series in 1842.

Game World

3D Universe

  • Colonel Henry Bolt, Colonel of the 66th Cavalry stationed in Fort Carson, leads his men towards Las Barrancas. The entire force falls into a hole on their journey, causing their deaths. [1]


  1. A quaint desert town steeped in local history, home to preserved Hopi ruins and the terrible setting of the Barrancas Mass Grave. In 1842, the 66th Cavalry, under the command of Colonel Henry Bolt, was stationed in nearby Fort Carson when they answered a call for help from homesteaders under attack from bandits. Riding to the rescue, the whole force fell down a hole. It is said that the sound of a hundred horses can be heard riding through the town at midnight...
    Las Barrancas description - (Flash website; No longer available)