101 Bayshore Avenue is an apartment unit and safehouse in Vice City which is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is the first safehouse owned by Victor Vance following his discharge from the army.


101 Bayshore Avenue is located in Viceport on a row of identical apartment units. The apartment was formerly owned by Phil Cassidy before he was evicted by the Cholos. During the mission Cleaning House, the Cholos are seen partying at the house and Phil has left an unknown amount of cash inside. Victor raids the property, killing the Cholos and retrieving the money. Phil later offers Vic the apartment after he is dishonourably discharged from the army in Conduct Unbecoming.

Two years later, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the apartment units still stand. However, there has been minor extensions added to the building.


The apartment is rudimentary and very run-down. It features a near-empty room, with access to health and save points. It also features an inaccessible balcony, kitchen, a single bed and a wardrobe. A one-vehicle garage can be found at the back of the property. The apartment's driveway features a large palm tree, coloured lights on the balcony and a pink lawn flamingo.

In the PS2 version, a bulletproof Sanchez can be bought for $1,000 from outside the apartment. A PCJ-600 also spawns to the south of the building, which spawns the PS2-exclusive side mission "Playground on the Dock.



  • Unlike previous safehouses, the interior of the apartment appears to be located within the building, as street conditions outside the apartment can be seen from inside. It is also possible to shoot through the windows with a sniper rifle.
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